Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Just playing around with colour and light and black and white…hey that rhymes. The sun came out..sort of… Immortalized in ice Colour where you can find it Discarded food in context Trash in context Mask photo Mask photo

Ontario – Our Governments Are Incompetent And Now Its All Our Fault

The population of Ontario, the entire country actually, are being punished for our government’s lack of preparedness.  Our government’s complete incompetence. Our high salaried residents of Queens Park and Parliament Hill have had over18 years since the SARS pandemic to prepare for another virus. They did nothing. Our high salaried residents of Queens Park and […]

The World – Peer-Reviewed Study ‘Did Not Find Evidence’ Lockdowns Were Effective In Stopping COVID Spread And COVID Lockdowns Will Result In Millions Of Deaths Over The Next 15 Years Scientists Find

Peer-Reviewed Study “Did Not Find Evidence” Lockdowns Were Effective In Stopping COVID Spread Liberals may be able to argue with Fox News or even Republican politicians. But what happens when a peer reviewed study comes out of one of their coveted and prestigious universities in California potentially showing that their collective reaction to Covid may […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Mask photo Trash in context Mask photo   A different mask Another mask Mitten Mask photo Mask photo

Canada – Vaccine Manufacturers Concerned About Provinces Delaying Second Doses

Vaccine manufacturers concerned about provinces delaying second doses While Canada’s top immunization experts have signed off on provinces delaying the administration of the second Pfizer and Moderna doses in an effort to begin vaccinating more people with a small supply, Procurement Minister Anita Anand says she’s heard concerns from the manufacturers that may impact future […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Checked out the black and white. Trash in context Wasn’t good to the last drop. Just the one     Tug MV Teclutsa OK. Its hokey but this isolated colour thing looks interesting Mask photo Needed these today.  Free for the taking. Smoking spot The lid belongs to this Still good. Hand sanitizer.  Did the […]

The World – Fourth Annual Fake News Awards

Can’t argue with the choices. Worth a watch if you are interested in the truth. show notes here  

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Flew into a window. Someone might be making this their home soon. Looks comfortable. Cover of a trash dimpster Mask photo Friday night must have been a night to celebrate. Either that or Bright’s wine was on sale. Because I came across a second empty bottle. Mask phot Someone went to Wendy’s, bought this, brought […]

The World – Health Experts Call For Suspension Of Pfizer Vaccination Among Elderly After Norway Deaths

Could be important as the country starts to focus vaccination efforts on Long Term care residents. Health Experts Call For Suspension Of Pfizer Vaccination Among Elderly After Norway Deaths Update (1630ET): In what can only be described as a somewhat concerning turn of events, health experts from Wuhan, China, called on Norway and other countries […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

OPP playing around open water Safety guy Looks like they all will get a chance to go in the water Working up to it Get into position and you’re in not so bad Lots of witnesses Not the greatest light today You can see the tracks from the firefighters airboat drill yesterday When the ice […]