Thunder Bay - Greater White-Fronted Goose

Thunder Bay – Greater White-Fronted Goose

Greater White-fronted Goose. I have never seen one of these before.  It was hanging around with Canada Geese.  According to the map, this goose should not be here.  Manitoba westerly to Rockies. Breeds on the Arctic coast.

Ontario – Want To Vote None Of The Above? You Can…

Want to vote ‘none of the above’ in Ontario’s election? Here’s how you can Suppose that, after almost 15 years of Liberal government, you’re ready to see the back of Kathleen Wynne. But the thought of what Andrea Horwath’s NDP might do to Ontario’s finances worries you, and you find Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford’s […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Fake tulips but colourful none the less. The 10 mile Road Race was just finishing up. Water still leaking out of the manhole or is it personhole? Is there a place in the city where you don’t find trash laying around? Working on getting that eye in focus. MV Federal Saguenay MV Kaministiqua MV Federal […]

The World – NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

James Corbett explains how the U.S. uses Non-Governmental Organizations to covertly undermine governments around the world. In other words, the NGOs are U.S. Government shit disturbers. They aid opposition forces in their fight against existing governments.  Incite rebellion. USAID is the number one such NGO.

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

See anything in there that can be recycled? It doesn’t matter because its all going to the landfill.  This is Thunder Bay you know. Another water leak. This under the new parking lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park two years ago?   The “valet parking lot” of the Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel.  […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Looks like someone cleaned up all the discarded canola oil boxes around the grease dumpster.  (mentioned in previous post here)I wonder who it was?  The restaurant that dumped the trash there or park staff paid by taxpayers?  My money is on park staff…but who knows? Some of the City of Thunder Bay’s favourite maintenance tools..Magic […]

Thunder Bay - American Redstart

Thunder Bay – American Redstart

I have never seen one of these before.

Thunder Bay - Wilson's Warbler

Thunder Bay – Wilson’s Warbler

This guy was following me. I guess I must have been of some interest to this bird. I did have a yellow rain coat on…so…. (click on any image to enlarge) There was one female.  She was acting shy.

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Looks like something finally decided to pick away at the body of the dead gull. Female Red-winged Blackbird The CCGS Alexander Henry must move forward on the dock before any visitors are allowed to go on-board.  This can’t happen until the City of Thunder Bay clears that section of the dock of “park stuff” that […]

Thunder Bay - Geese Fly-Overs

Thunder Bay – Geese Fly-Overs

And another….