Thunder Bay - Sunday - Last Day Of Summer

Thunder Bay – Sunday – Last Day Of Summer

Fall begins at 3:50 am EDT tomorrow Trash in context. Empty liquor bottle. Alternate view Interesting shape Bottle caps on the pedestrian overpass. Trash in context Trash in context. You can see a piece of trash on the bench in the background as well. Sure sign summer is over MV  Amstelborg still at Keefer Terminal […]

The World – 90 Percent Of Plastic Polluting Earth’s Oceans Come From Asia And Africa

90 Per Cent of Plastic Waste Polluting Earth’s Oceans Comes From Asia and Africa Despite westerners being lectured by climate activists like Greta Thunberg, a study has found that around 90 per cent of plastic waste polluting earth’s oceans comes from Asia and Africa. During her U.S. tour, Thunberg cited “horrifying pictures of plastic in […]

The World – Islam Is Right About Women

Islam is right about women. True or false. Discuss. Interesting.  I would love to hear the vocal gymnastics that ‘woke’ feminists have to go through to argue that Islam is both right AND wrong about women at the same time. Islam is right about homosexuality.  True or false. Discuss. Its just too funny.

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

If I get some blue sky and sunshine, the colours will really pop. Never had this beer myself. Old Style Pilsner brewed in Lethbridge AB and owned by Molson Coors. Trash in context We have four treatment centres here. No other city has more than two. Says a lot about this city. That does not […]

The World – Facts No Longer Matter

‘We choose truth over facts’ – Joe Biden, former Vice President and current  candidate to be the Democratic candidate in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. If there ever was a statement that best represents the world we live in now, this is it.  Facts no longer matter when people have their truths that they believe […]

Thunder Bay – Trudeau Is A Sanctimonious Fraud

Andrew Coyne: Is Justin Trudeau a racist? No. He is a sanctimonious fraud The racial masks Trudeau wore to conceal his identity 20 years ago are but one in a series: from blackface to feministface to sunnywaysface ANDREW COYNE  –Updated: September 20, 2019  By now it should be clear there is something wrong with Justin […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

The new DSSAB apartment building built at the corner of Algoma and Cornwall Streets.  The commercial spaces on the ground floor are still empty. Looks like the private sector has been tapped to find lessees. Just imagine stepping out of the front door of shop on Algoma Street and getting hit by one of these. […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

A busy beaver took the whole tree and dragged it into the water   Grass from hydro-seeding on left.  Sod on right.  Notice any difference? Finally seen some frogs Its been a while… A bald eagle soaring way up high. MV Amstelborg Trying to capture some fall colours but many leaves have turned brown already. […]

Thunder Bay – Pop-Up Patio Takes Three Months To Gain Approval?

Pop-up patio project suffers a reversal Only one restaurant established a pop-up patio this year. Anticipating a bigger uptake, the city had increased the maximum number of patios allowed this year from four to 10 for each business area in the city. Depeuter speculated some restaurant operators were deterred by the required investment in time […]

Canada – Justin Trudeau: Alleged Criminal, Liar, Groper of Women And Racist? Is That Someone Who Should Be Leading This Country?

Under Justin Trudeau’s own ‘politically correct’ rules, he should resign.  Why is it that the same rules that apply to every other politician do not apply to him? Imagine if Andrew Sheer did anything Trudeau is being accused of?  Imagine if there was a photo of Andrew Sheer dressed in “Brown Face”?  “Black Face”? Imagine […]