Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Hooded Mergansers MV Isadora with some Common Mergansers in the foreground Trash in context Looking for colour MV Rodopi Working on the Ontario Government Building New light posts around the parking lot in central Marina Park. They are big. Very big.  And there are a lot of them. Mallard Looks like its still good.  Just […]

The World – Japan Decides To Dump One Million Tons Of Radioactive Fukushima Water Into The Pacific. IAEA Approves. Justin Trudeau Silent.

Japan Decides To Dump One Million Tons Of Radioactive Fukushima Water Into The Pacific; IAEA Approves We live in a bizarre world: one where the the Keystone XL pipeline must be shut in case of a hypothetical (and extremely unlikely) leak, but where Japan is allowed to dump over one million tons of radioactive water […]

Canada – Canada Confirms 1st Case Of Rare Blood Clot After AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine

FYI. Turns out the vaccine manufactured in India also produces the ‘rare’ blood clots….not just the vaccine manufactured in the UK.

The World – Outcome Bias Of mRNA Vaccine Trials

Interesting.  Its amazing just how two ways of reporting the same result sound sooo different. Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) versus Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) Pfizer vaccine ARR = 0.7%   RRR = 95.1% Moderna vaccine  ARR = 1.1%   RRR = 94.1% The ARR is the difference between the percentage of people who tested positive in the […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Another grey drizzly morning.  Not a great day for photography. This section of Water Street is a real mess. The lane is undriveable. Also, there is something wrong with the underground electricity cable connecting the street lights. Mask photo…plus “traffic cone down!!” Mallard? Common Merganser Practicing my in-flight photography Road to Pool 6 dump site […]

The World – US Calls For Pause On J&J Vaccine Due To Deadly Blood Clots

US Calls For Pause On J&J COVID Vaccine Due To Deadly Blood Clots Update (1010ET): The health officials who spoke on today’s call started by reiterating details about the decision to halt the J&J shared with the press earlier. Officials said they would update doctors with new vaccine “fact sheets” designated certain medications that could […]

The World – Pfizer Vaccine Less Effective Against South African Variant, Israeli Study Finds

Pfizer vaccine less effective against South African variant, Israeli study finds An Israeli study has indicated the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is less effective against the so-called South African variant of the virus. The study by scientists from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev said that the vaccine produces high levels of antibodies that efficiently combat both […]

The World – Why Is Inflation Everywhere Except Government Statistics

By keeping government inflation stats artificially low, people are being robbed as the rate of inflation affects wages, pensions, etc. Governments have a vested interest in keeping inflation stats low. Huge debt burdens do not allow governments to accept the possibility of any rise in interest rates. They are far from impartial.

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Trash in context Mask photo Not something you want to be driving over but what choice do you have? Where is the water going? Down there? Surprised that this generator is still there. Lots of green here MV CSL St. Laurent As you can see, the water level of the lake is low Cleaning up […]

Thunder Bay – Crew On Ship Docked In Thunder Bay Positive For COVID

Crew on ship docked in Thunder Bay positive for COVID-19 Crew members aboard a cargo ship docked in Thunder Bay have tested positive for COVID-19, Canada Steamship Lines has confirmed. According to a statement provided to Tbnewswatch, “several” of the 25 crew members on board the Atlantic Huron tested positive on April 8, the day […]