The World - Sunday - First Day Of August

The World – Sunday – First Day Of August

Interesting sky this morning. If I was a more dedicated photographer, I would have got up earlier to take this photo. The sun would have been lower and the colours would have been better.  But I’m not that dedicated so I didn’t.  Come winter, the sun will be lower at this time of the day.  […]

The World – Vaccinated People Can Spread SARS-2 Just As Well As Unvaccinated People.

FYI.. Vaccinated people have the ability to spread SARS-2 just as well as unvaccinated people. Its now official.  Health ‘experts’ are starting to try and downplay this fact. Turns out that unvaccinated people are no longer the lone harbingers of death that they are being portrayed in the media?  No point in treating them as […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday - Last Day In July

Thunder Bay – Saturday – Last Day In July

Someone getting some Vitamin C Mask photo Any reason that Water Street could not be open this weekend?  Two Lanes?  Four lanes? Mask photo We got some rain last night. Trash in context Yellow Warbler was confused. It wanted to fly into the window.  Sooo, I directed it away from the window. And sooo, this […]

The World – This Week In Virology Update #73

A lot of information here. FYI for those interested.

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Second section of pedestrian overpass is in place. Could two lanes of Water Street be open now?  Don’t see any reason why not. Any work that is being done now can be staged so that two lanes of traffic are kept open. ?

The World – Are ‘Vaccines’ Driving New Variants? ; Co-Morbidities For COVID-19….Why Are They Bring Ignored?

 The above video is extremely important.  I have to agree with Brett here.  Is it possible that the ‘vaccines’ will be the greatest thing since sliced bread, be highly effective and put and end to SARS-2 infections. Hurrah! However, it is also possible that, since ‘vaccinated’ people can still get infected with the SARS-2 […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Do they give these shirts away for free? I think its closed. The place is empty.  Victim of the lockdowns? Whatever work is being done right now could be done with two lanes of Water Street open to traffic. These ducks are going to be in for a very big surprise when this water jet […]

The World – Ancient Viruses Found In Tibetan Glacier

Ancient viruses found in Tibetan glacier Scientists uncover unknown viruses trapped in 15,000-year-old ice. It sounds like the opening scene of an apocalyptic movie: scientists drilling ice cores from an ancient glacier uncover archaic, previously unknown viruses. But that’s exactly what a team of scientists from Ohio State University (OSU) has achieved by sampling 15,000-year-old […]

The World – Majority Of COVID-19 Patients In Hospital Are Unvaccinated. So?

All of those hospitalized with COVID in Peel Region not fully vaccinated: Loh The top doctor of a COVID-19 hot spot in Ontario says data shows that all of the people in the region who were hospitalized recently with COVID-19 had not been fully vaccinated. Dr. Lawrence Loh says between June 1 and July 9, […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Why? I’m going to miss this orange sun Might be able to recycle some of this trash Kids run around in this fountain.  Birds poop…alot. I have seen more Monarchs this summer than any previous summer that I can remember. Found another spot to hang out. Still inside a set of railway tracks though.  Must […]