Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

click on any image to enlarge Now that its freezing cold outside with snow laying on the ground, work has begun on these walkways.  The walkways, constructed waaay back in 2016, allow people to enter and exit the parking lot that I thought was completed. Apparently that is not the case.   I wonder why this […]

The World – The Best Way To Honour War Veterans Is To Stop Creating Them

The Best Way To Honor War Veterans Is To Stop Creating Them The US will be celebrating Veterans Day tomorrow, and many a striped flag shall be waved. The social currency of esteem will be used to elevate those who have served in the US military, thereby ensuring future generations of recruits to be thrown into […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

A snowy Sunday.  Took a few photos anyway. I stopped going to the Remembrance Day ceremony in Waverley Park once it became an armed police camp.  I can’t get past the heavy irony of holding a ceremony honouring the men and women who sacrificed sooo much keeping the world free all the while a legion […]

The World – The World War I Conspiracy – Part 1

What was really behind the Great War? How did it all start? Who won?  There is more to the story than you know. Today, we now find ourselves in a continuous war.  This is where it all began. Monuments all across the world contain the two words,  Never Again.  Those monuments  should have the words […]

Thunder Bay – Free Grocery Bus Rides For Students Who Attend LU

Grocery Bus helping students achieve food security Students often face a lot of stressors, but food insecurity should not be one of them. A new pilot project is looking to make shopping for healthy food more accessible to students living on campus by offering something as simple as a free ride to the grocery store. […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

  Culvert installed. Too much culvert sticking out of this side.  Hopefully there is more road going on top of it. If not, some of it needs to be removed.  Bedding material should extend beyond end of culvert.  Why is the culvert sitting so high off of the ground?  It will be good to see […]

Thunder Bay – Bombardier Thunder Bay Plant To Run Out Of Work Within A Year

Bombardier Thunder Bay plant to run out of work within a year: union The largest private-sector employer in Thunder Bay, Ont., may not have many workers next year, if Bombardier does not secure new contracts for the plant, says the local union president. Domenic Pasqualino, the President of Unifor Local 1075, said work at the […]

Canada – Canada’s Most Dangerous Places – 2019

Thunder Bay, Kenora among most violent cities in Canada Two Northwestern Ontario cities have among the highest rates of violent crime in the country. Thunder Bay and Kenora both land in the top-20 of most violent Canadian cities, included in Maclean’s magazine’s annual rankings of the most dangerous cities in Canada released earlier this week […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Not sure if these are still alive or frozen solid.  These are the last. Running out of time to finish the Court Street construction work.  All that is left is work that could have been done by the contractor weeks ago instead of waiting for City of Thunder Bay workers to get around to it. […]

Canada – Your Tax Dollars At Work – Ottawa Spending Your Tax Dollars Like A Drunken Sailor

Construction of sixth Arctic patrol ship at Irving Shipbuilding to cost $800M — double the cost of the other five Building a sixth Arctic patrol ship to add to the five originally commissioned from Irving Shipbuilding for the Royal Canadian Navy will cost taxpayers $800 million — double the price-tag of each of the other […]