Thunder Bay – Say NO! To Backyard Chickens

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I am pretty sure that, right now, there is no need to raise livestock within the city limits.  That need may change in the future.  THEN, we can have a look at urban farming. maybe embrace it.

Soooo, if you want to raise chickens, then get the fuck out of town.  Can’t make it any more plain than that.

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Thunder Bay – Update Tuesday

Update on the McVicar Creek rock protection failure.  The water level has dropped so things are a bit more clear.
P1400361aP1400381a P1400378a P1400371aand for the Court Street hole…the City of Thunder Bay Magic Cone has been installed.


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Thunder Bay – 100 Year Storm Does Not Happen Every 100 Years

The sewage control plant that failed four years ago performed the way it is supposed to on Sunday. Sewers can only accommodate so much rainfall and so-called 100-year storms – the ones that most infrastructure is not designed for – can and do overwhelm them.

The problem now and in the future is that 100-year storms are happening with increasing frequency. Three monster rainstorms have drenched Thunder Bay and the surrounding area since 2008. Meteorologists have been warning for some time that climate change is causing havoc in weather systems and patterns that we are used to. Things are not going to get better in the foreseeable future, given reluctance among particularly large developing nations to reduce the use of carbon-spewing energy that they are only now beginning to exploit. – Chronicle Journnal editorial

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….The problem now and in the future is that 100-year storms are happening with increasing frequency…..

This from the Minnesota Department of Natural resources…..

100-Year Rainstorms Defined

One of the more misleading phrases used in meteorology and hydrology is 100-year storm. The phrase implies that an intense rainstorm dubbed as an 100-year event, dropped rainfall totals heretofore unseen for 100 years, and not to be experienced again for another century. This is a logical, but incorrect conclusion to draw from the phrase. More precisely worded, a 100-year storm drops rainfall totals that had a one percent probability of occurring at that location that year. Encountering a 100-year storm on one day does nothing to change the probability of receiving the same amount of precipitation the very next day.

A better way to describe these unusual events is to refer to a one percent probability storm. However, the momentum created by repeated usage over time will assure that 100-year storm will remain in the public and scientific lexicon.

Intense rainfall events are often geographically isolated. Therefore, increased population density, improved precipitation monitoring networks, and radar-based precipitation estimation have increased the likelihood of capturing (measuring) heavy rain events. Also, improved communication allows for faster and more complete transfer of weather information. When the neighboring county is walloped by a 100-year storm, we hear about it quickly. Invariably we will vicariously “experience” the event and wonder why 100-year storms seem to be occurring every other week!

read full article here

….A better way to describe these unusual events is to refer to a one percent probability storm….

….Encountering a 100-year storm on one day does nothing to change the probability of receiving the same amount of precipitation the very next day…..

Soooo…large rain events can happen any year. In order for anyone to decide that spacing of these recent storms is exceptional, data needs to collected over a longer period than four years.  Hundreds of years, maybe thousands.

If I remember correctly, flooding in the Thunder Bay lowlands due to rain is not uncommon.  Also, as I said before, our city is covering more and more of its surface with concrete and asphalt.  Cutting down more and more trees and brush.  This all effects the amount of surface runoff that our sewer system has to deal with.

Even the height of grass in parks and lawns effects the amount of surface runoff.

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Thunder Bay – Make The Corporations And Businesses Pay

From Tbnewswatch…

Taxpayers to foot $1.75-million recycling bill in 2017

The 2017 municipal budget will include a $1.75-million bill to support the city’s entire recycling program and more waste costs could follow.

City Council voted to accept its administration’s recommendation to move diversion revenues from the user-supported column to the tax-supported column on Monday.

Where curbside garbage collection has always been funded through taxation, the recycling program been supported through tipping fees at the John Street Road landfill site for the past two decades.  – Tbnewswatch

read full article here

The City of Thunder Bay could put a tax on the materials that are recycled at point of sale.  A That way, the people using those products would be responsible for the cost of recycling them?  No? A deposit?

Ahhh yesssss…its easier to make us taxpayers pay for the failure of businesses and corporations  to use reusable/refillable containers because THEY will have to pay for that.

I still believe that businesses and corporations should foot the bill for dealing with ALL  the materials they sell us.  Landfill AND recycling. That will encourage those businesses and corporations  to find alternatives.

Right now, there is no reason for any business or corporation to reduce or reuse..because the taxpayer will pay for recycling or burying the carp in the ground.

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Thunder Bay – Storm Sewers That Do Not Work In Storms

Storm sewer outlets were under water

….The most recent storm sewers installed on James and Williams and the one on Woodlawn dump the water into the floodway. Both of those outlets were totally under water. – Craig, Smyth, Chronicle Journal, Letters to Editor

read full letter here


Yup…when the City of Thunder Bay is subjected to an extreme weather event,  those storm sewers are useless as far as keeping the city dry….but then, the high salaried residents of City Hall knew that…right?

In the Thunder Bay lowlands, the City of Thunder Bay needs to install pumps..large pumps….as they have in New Orleans.

Or they can do nothing..its up to them.

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Thunder Bay – Rumour Has It – TBPD Helicopter?

MNB-RUMOUR1Today, I was told that the Thunder Bay Police Department has a helicopter.  I can’t say if the department owns it, leases it or hires it , supposedly they use one.  That’s what I was told.   Is it possible?

The helicopter is equipped with a FLIR thermal imaging camera which enables the helicopter to track people in the dark.

If you hear a helicopter flying around the city at night, it just might be TBPD.

If this is true, why is it I have not heard about it?  How much would something like that cost? Does a city the size of Thunder Bay need a helicopter?

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Thunder Bay – More Monday Monday

Monday Monday     

The waterfront fountain was still closed on Monday. City staff are trying to figure out how to clean the silt out all that was washed into fountain by Saturday’s rain. You can see that a lot of water that flowed downhill in the gravel parking lot (future Market Square and private developers building) from the tiled surface.

Having all the water runoff from the gravel parking lot flowing downhill toward the fountain seems to be a poor design but what do I know?

P1390976 P1390977 P1390984Not sure what is happening with these tiles around the lightpole base. they are obviously lifting. Is the lightpole base rising or is it jut the earth around the base?

A daily scene down at the City of Thunder Bay’s $65 million plus premier tourist destination. A City of Thunder bay vehicle parked illegally.

P1390988The future Market Square parking lot and private developer leased land ( presently gravel parking lot) must have an open path to allow vehicles access to the Waterfront Plaza.  If a vehicle wants to go to Pier 2, that vehicle must drive across Waterfront Plaza.

Not sure how this can be billed as an award winning design.

P1390979P1390980Cumberland Street buildings that appear to be abandoned.

P1400125 P1400126See this around the city all the time. I guess this is the city’s new look.  Exposed lightpole wires.


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Thunder Bay – Blame It On Climate Change

Water plant survives heavy rain

No major failures to City infrastructure were reported. The Water Pollution Control Plant managed the high flows through the Plant. Flows through the Plant continue to reduce over time. – Tbnewswatch

read full article here

Soooo, we taxpayers are paying to treat rainwater?  You have to wonder why, over the passed 80 years or so,  nobody thought that was a stupid idea?

Why is it only now that stormwater management is an issue?  Why is it only now that our high salaried residents of City Hall are moving to separate stormwater from sewage?

The City of Thunder Bay has more and more of its surface covered by asphalt every year.  More and more land is turned from tree and grass covered to concrete covered.  This produces more and more surface runoff, which has to go somewhere. That somewhere is downhill.  Hence all the water pooling in the low areas of the city.

Of course, being politicians, everything is blamed on climate change.  Oh yessss, climate change….Funny how government can now blame its decades long failure to upgrade our infrastructure on climate change. Pretty convenient.

Everything bad is caused by climate change?  Sure it is.   It can all be fixed by taxing carbon.  Sure it can.

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Thunder Bay – Cumberland Street

P1400107P1400108I wonder how much more the City of Thunder Bay has to pay to get the contractor to use regulation construction signs.  You know the ones, metal? reflective paint? Regulated? Legal?  Signs that meet some minimum standard?

I would like to know which one of the high salaried residents of City Hall authorized the use of this “yard sale” sign? Whoever it was needs to be fired…immediately.  Seriously.

What I see here is a lawsuit waiting to happen.   I am sure there is a proper way to close off a lane and detour traffic.   (hint: The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD))

Below…I noticed that there is this crack line that runs along Cumberland Street.  The part of Cumberland Street that was milled and paved back in 2013.  Not total removal…just milled.
Today, I noticed that the section of Cumberland that is undergoing reconstruction right now has a concrete street under the existing asphalt. Cumberland Street had a concrete surface way back when. At some point, asphalt was placed on the concrete.  You can see the old concrete road surface in the photo below,

P1400100 P1400101 P1400102 P1400103
I wonder if the 2013 Cumberland Street that was milled and paved still has concrete under the asphalt? That crack that runs along the edge of that piece of Cumberland Street might be the edge of the concrete?  Hmm…..

Below, Wolseley Street between Cumberland Street and Front Street…

P1400120 P1400121 P1400123 P1400124

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Thunder Bay – Clarke Street

Apparently this section of Clarke Street was reconstructed only a couple of years ago. My understanding is that the City of Thunder Bay said that some improvements to the street’s ability to deal with stormwater runoff…which was not done.

All the sand and gravel ended up at the end of the street.

One possible cause for such extensive erosion damage involves the construction work being done on Cumberland Street.

P1400056 P1400057 P1400058 P1400059 P1400060 P1400061 P1400062 P1400063 P1400064 P1400065 P1400066 P1400067 P1400068 P1400069 P1400070 P1400071 P1400072 P1400073 P1400074 P1400075 P1400076 P1400077 P1400078 P1400079 P1400080 P1400081 P1400082 P1400083 P1400084 P1400085 P1400086 P1400087 P1400088 P1400089 P1400090 P1400091

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