Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

The Finnish Book Store against a clear blue sky. There used to be a big video screen mounted on the south facing wall. Its gone now.  I wonder why?  Driver distraction? Is the big screen located on the back of the Port Arthur Stadium scoreboard at the corner of High Street  and Memorial Avenue gone […]

Thunder Bay - More Big Trees Bight The Dust

Thunder Bay – More Big Trees Bight The Dust

Trees coming down on the site of the former Cornwall Street School.  Low income apartments are going to be built on the property. Its what we do in Thunder Bay. Let me remind you of what trees were cut down in Marina Park back in 2009.  They were cut down as part of the creation of […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

shoe print on ice Obligatory shopping cart photo The leaking Water Street hydrant is being replaced sidewalk cyclist….   Amazing. One southbound Water Street traffic lane was left open. Hard to believe this is Thunder Bay. This city will close down a street on a drop of a hat. Interesting drainage patterns on street. There […]

Thunder Bay – Honest Plebiscite Results Are Not Guaranteed

From Ray Smith’s Letter to the Chronicle Journal Editor calling for a plebiscite on the $120 million hockey rink…. Citizens know enough to vote on event centre A plebiscite is long overdue in Thunder Bay on our proposed $114.5-million dollar event and convention centre. The citizens of Thunder Bay have more than enough information to […]

Canada – Observations On Canada’s Housing Market

“This Is Going To Blow Sky High” – Observations On Canada’s Housing Market For months we’ve been warning about real estate bubbles re-emerging in various markets around the world from Canada to Australia (see “There Are 66,719 Empty Mansions In Vancouver” and “Vancouver Home Sales Crash 40%, As Toronto Home Prices Soar 22%“).  And while […]

Thunder Bay - Monday...And Its Officially Spring!

Thunder Bay – Monday…And Its Officially Spring!

Interesting clouds Another concrete pour at the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel. Underground as before but this time its being sent down through a different opening. One thing I did notice is that the concrete trucks were blocking the southbound lane of Marina Park Drive.  The work was going on […]

Thunder Bay - Life In The 21st Century - City's First Self-Serve Beer Store Now Open

Thunder Bay – Life In The 21st Century – City’s First Self-Serve Beer Store Now Open

City’s first self-serve Beer Store is now open Thunder Bay’s first self-serve Beer Store officially opened its doors on Monday morning. District manager Gary Brown said the outlet on Fort William Road was built to better serve the consumers of Thunder Bay.  “Since 2008, the Beer Store has been moving to a palletized self-service model,” […]

Thunder Bay - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Thunder Bay – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Things are slow right now with the weather and all.  Once spring rolls around..and then summer, I will be covering more of the city on my daily strolls. Friday So lets take a look around the Chronicle Journal property.  Cumberland and Wilson Street corner. What is the source of all the litter around the Chronicle […]

Thunder Bay – More On Waterfront Paid Parking

Another letter about waterfront parking… I am puzzled as to why after the public consultation on paid parking in Marina Park, Wednesday, March 1, Mr. Mark Smith in a television interview, was rather condescending about the opinions of the 100 or so good citizens who came to the meeting. The majority of attendees were strongly […]

The World – Meet Goldman Sachs, The Vampire Squid

The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. – Matt Taibbi, The Great American Bubble Machine, Rolling Stone Magazine How does […]