The World – What Will Happen When A Superflare Hits the Earth.

Climate change is not the only thing we need to worry about.   There is a superflare mentioned in this video..  Then there is a micronova which nobody is talking about at all. I believe humans will be extremely lucky to be around long enough for climate change to push us to the brink of extinction.  […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Remnants of the Pride Block Party are still blowing around. Something new being erected on the CJ property.  Is it going to be a sign?  A giant electronic billboard?  Water Street is a busy thoroughfare.  It would make sense. Trash in context.  Railway crossings are always good for trash photos. Ahhh…looks like a lightpole being […]

The World – Four Times The US Threatened To Stage An Attack and Blame it on Iran

US wants a war with Iran.  A false flag event, such as attacking a pair of oil tankers, is its favourite means of justifying that war. Luckily, today people are smart enough to recognize this tactic.

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Trash in context Someone attending the Pride Block Party dropped some batteries on the ground. Trash in context Still working on the parking lot constructed almost two years ago. Not sure what is going on here. Looks like material added to this side.  Hmmm…..You can still see the valve located in the shoulder of the […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

A use for feral shopping carts?  Not a good look for the city though. Hmmm…. Preparing for the Pride Parade today. Trash in context with shopping carts Trash in context Going to visit the CCGS Alexander Henry MV Industrial Skipper Still at Keefer Terminal MV Federal Mackinac still at anchor Harbour tour starting out I’m […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

A young crow in my neighbourhood Pride block party this weekend. They are setting up at this moment. What other city in the world allows people to take shopping carts home? People keep them looks like spiders have been busy in this tree Grackles in the morning sun Red-winged Blackbird giving some geese a hard […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

A day where I tried to get some photos between rain showers. Getting better for the Pride Block Party this weekend. Trash in context Sitting out the weather MV Industrial Skipper SV Frodo MV Federal Mackinac MV Tim S. Dool New trees planted around fountain area.  Some of these trees have been missing for several […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Some of this year’s crop of summer militia recruits Photographed this cat before.  You can’t resist those eyes. Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs. These circus bikes on sidewalks are very dangerous.  Riders don’t care about pedestrians.  Treat pedestrians like skate park obstacles. Yup…Smokers are the biggest litterers […]

Canada – Is Australian National Anthem Racist? Is Anything NOT Racist Today?

The Indigenous peoples of Australia are having the same social problems that the Indigenous people of Canada are having.  Interesting. Australian Indigenous people are over represented in the Australian prison system as are Canadian Indigenous peoples in our prison system. Another interesting fact. Also interesting. Seems that some things are not necessarily only a Canadian […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Another plastic bottle that will not be banned by the federal Liberal Party. Sod work begins at the boat launch parking lot Damage to the asphalt that was laid only last year at the south end of Marina Park.  Done by construction equipment?  Boater? Damage done by construction equipment last year Damage was done while […]