The World – British School For Girls Bans Teachers From Calling Its Pupils “Girls”

Top grammar school bans teachers from calling its pupils ‘girls’ in case it offends transgender children For more than a century it has educated generations of girls. But one of the country’s top-performing state schools has baffled parents by informing them its staff will in future use ‘gender-neutral language’ when talking to or about children. […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Snowing but I go out everyday. Rain, shine or snow.  Not a great day for photography. No words needed here. We need a taller sign. Drilling in Marina Park continues Waterfront sign is still blank. The view out on the lake. Going to need a taller sign Another shopping cart about to disappear for the […]

Ontario – Why Did The Toronto District School Board Let the Tearful 11 Year-Old Face The Cameras?

An attacker did not cut her hijab, police say. But why did the TDSB let the tearful 11-year-old face the cameras? Days after an 11-year-old girl alleged that a man cut her hijab, twice, Toronto police have concluded that the events “did not happen.” In a statement released Monday, the police, who had been investigating […]

Ontario – Feeding On The Government Teat

Federal government, Ontario invest $100M to support Linamar auto parts maker The federal and Ontario governments announced grants Monday worth up to $100 million combined to help automotive parts maker Linamar Corp. develop its advanced manufacturing technologies. The Linamar (TSX:LNR) investments are expected to create 1,500 jobs in Canada and help maintain more than 8,000 […]

Canada – Ottawa Prepares To Relax Carbon-Pricing Measures To Aid Industry Competitiveness. So Who Is Left To Save The Planet?

Ottawa prepares to relax carbon-pricing measures to aid industry competitiveness “Canadians know pollution isn’t free and last year we saw that extreme weather events are costing us billions of dollars – trillions if you look at what is happening around the world,” Ms. McKenna said in an interview. “And we know a price on pollution […]

Canada – Police Say Scissor Attack On A Girl’s Hijab Did Not Happen

Toronto police say scissor attack on a girl’s hijab ‘did not happen’ Canadian police say an alleged scissor attack on an 11-year-old girl’s hijab never happened. The girl made headlines last week after she said a man came up to her and tried to cut her hijab off. Toronto police now say the incident, which […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Not a lot of exciting things to photograph lately.  Lots of cold and lots of snow.  Overcast. Another train roaring passed the waterfront. Looks like a pigeon became someone’s dinner. The caboose in Marina Park. Some people poking around? Hmmm… Looks like some screws missing. I wonder it the four shown in the previous photo […]

The World - The Plane Shot Down By Its Own Government

The World – The Plane Shot Down By Its Own Government

No…its not the Avro Arrow, but the similarity between the two projects is remarkable. The jets even look alike. I don’t believe in coincidences and neither should you.

The World – What Really Happened In Hawaii?

By now you all have heard about the false alarm in Hawaii. The missile attack that never happened. James Corbett talks about the incident and begins an open source investigation. What really happened and why? Is this all about conditioning the public?  Upping the fear factor?  Fear is a method of control used by governments. […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Not as popular as Budweiser. At least with the street drinking crowd. I wonder if this was thrown from a moving car? Saturday down at the Studio One Dance studio.  I have mentioned this several times before. Vehicles parked close to the intersection increase the danger for pedestrians and other vehicles negotiating that intersection.  The […]