Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Cold and snowy day. Photo opportunities were scarce. Click on any image to enlarge. Heating the pile of whatever is under that tarp. I know that I have photographed these things before but like I said, pickings were slim. They still look like they good bloom any day now. Supposed to get some rain showers […]

Canada – StatsCan Sells Data To The Private Sector. Now StatsCan Wants Your Financial Data.

An interesting excerpt from a Global News article,  Statistics Canada kept Trudeau cabinet, privacy commissioner in the dark about controversial bank data harvest plan.  Turns out that StasCan does not want Canadian financial information (here, here and here) for use by the Government of Canada, but it wants to sell that information to the private sector.  […]

Thunder Bay – Leaky Roof? Then Fix The Roof.

Leaky roof, condensation force closure of DFC gymnasium Officials at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School say they’ve been forced to close the gymnasium because of a leaky roof and condensation on the walls. In a series of tweets, principal Sharon Angeconeb calls for a new school and said her students deserved better. In two videos […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

click on any image to enlarge Permanent sign not installed yet.  Going on a month now. This is the sidewalk at the northern most end of the new parking lot constructed in 2016/2017.  It leads to nothing.  It is unfinished. This is the middle sidewalk that leads from the new parking lot constructed in 2016/2017 […]

Thunder Bay – Toronto Sets Record Year For Murders

The 90 victims of Toronto’s record year in homicide From a 94-year-old force of nature to a 3-week-old infant, these are the lives lost to homicide in Toronto this year. On Sunday, Nov. 18, at around 1:30 p.m., a male was shot to death in an apartment building in the West Hill neighbourhood. Police responded […]

The World – The World War II Conspiracy – Part 2

How did the US get involved in the Great War?  James explains it all.   This manipulation of public opinion continues to this very day.  Vietnam, Iraq. Afghanistan. Syria. Russia, Libya.  In fact, I believe the justification for every war since WW I has been based on lies.  We are all fools and every November 11, […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

The Pool 6 dumping ground I wonder what is buried in there? Digging up old waterfront land.  Who knows what was hauled and dumped here? Somehow the black hotel does not fit in very well with the colours scheme of the waterfront development. Does this sign still need to be up?  Pretty sure nobody is […]

Thunder Bay – Another “Industrial Complex” Rearing Its Ugly Head?

Shelter House kicks off holiday campaign Fundraising target of $20,000 has been set. Shelter House is hoping the community’s festive spirit and generosity will help those in need. The organization has launched their annual holiday campaign, with donation forms mailed out across the city starting this week. “Monetary donations are the lifeblood of this organization […]

Thunder Bay – Frequently Missing Child

The same kid has been missing three times in the past four months.  Why?  Is anyone looking in to this? With sooo many missing person alerts in Thunder Bay, how many people are still paying attention to them? (previous related post here) A missing person alert used to be a rare thing.  Now you see them […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Not going to let up on these bus stop signs.  Should have had permanent ones installed by now.  I wonder what is taking sooo long? Contractor could have installed them over a month ago. When City Manager is talking about services being provided by staff, is the non-installation of these signs a service he is […]