Thunder Bay – Friday

Walmart carts.

Court Street construction continues.

Railway car art

Heading to the Pool 6 pond.

Common Grackle

Common Yellowthroat male.  This is the only look I got.  It was there for only a few seconds.  I have never seen this type of bird before.

Common Yellowthroat female

A big chunk of the Pool 6 ground has been fenced off.  Is this related to the helicopter tour service that is going to be operating out of this area?

MV Labrador

I think this is the bird that used to hang out in the Pool 6 pond.  Still not sure what kind of Merganser this is.

MV Tim S Dool

Supposed to be sticking out of the ground. I guess someone thought it should be here instead.

Those geese love to poop.

No takers so far

Foam insulation particles in the fountain pond.

There is supposed to be a building right there. Right where that fence is.  The private developer is supposed to build one there.  Because the private developers said that they would build a commercial building on that site, the building that the City of Thunder Bay had planned to build on that site was moved and became the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office).

If the private developers do not build that building, then people at City Hall need to be fired.  I am sure that trying to sue the Ontario numbered company that signed the agreement with the City of Thunder Bay will be a waste of time. For all I  know, that company no longer exists.

When I see this part of Pier 3 floating around, I wonder why was it there?  It obviously was not structurally important.  What exactly did it do?   Its not doing it now.

Yellow Warbler?

Third world electric wiring down at the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.  Looks just great does it not?

It would be great if the signs contained the hours of operation.  Its open from 10 am to 5 pm Thursday to Monday.   The signs should state that so that tourists don’t drive all the way down to the ship only to find it closed to visitors.

Then there is this.  The Magic Cones are now accompanied by barricades.  Things are getting serious.  Not serious enough to repair the catchasin though.

Might I remind everyone that the catchbasin would now be repaired had the work been done as part of the work done on the overpass deck/sidewalk/curbs.  Would not cost a penny, I mean nickel, more. I bet it would have cost less.

Speaking of the overpass deck, I noticed this.  This does not look good.

An empty bottle of Kelly’s finest in McVicar Creek.  What are the odds?



This would make a great tourist poster.

I guess the Lakehead Regional Conservation Authority are never going to repair this erosion control blanket. It should be covered by rocks. Large rocks.

Hope there is not a foot in that shoe.

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.  Risking death to make Thunder Bay a better place to live.

Work continues on Magnus Theatre

Poppies are blooming at the Waverley park cenotaph.    Its supposed to be a cross but the wide angle panorama makes it look like something else.

This is what happens when you use a lawn tractor with a mower cutting deck that is meant for flat surfaces to cut humps.  Looks like crap, but this is Thunder Bay so crap is acceptable.  Why expect more?

Meanwhile, the sod laid down next to the pavilion is mostly weeds now.  At least the part this green is mostly weeds.  The rest is dead.  People paid for that.

Who would accept this?

Weeds are winning in this race as well.  Grass seed is still seed.

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