Thunder Bay – Monday

Not the best day for photography…but you take whatever nature throws at you.

Crushed soft drink and beer cans would make great tree decorations at Christmas. Colourful and shiny.  You can even use the pull tab to attach a string or hook.

This half of a banana is not duct taped to anything so it is worthless.  If it had been duct taped to the bus shelter, it would have been seen as art and therefore worth thousands of dollars.

Since this sign is duct taped to a light post, I have to believe it is now classified as art.  How much is it worth?  Who knows?

Litter…the under appreciated art form

I wonder who produced this piece of trash?

Looks like it was in a pot at one time.

Tundra swan is still around.

Acting like an icebreaker.

A very large snowblower.

Could be a ship out there.  The Federal Cedar may still be anchored in the bay.

The situation at Keefer Terminal has not changed since yesterday.  MV Fearless, MV Heerengracht and the MV Victoriaborg still there.

Banana still there.  Not black yet.  It must be frozen

Not a huge crowd in the park today.

Looks dangerous.  Filled with light snow, it would be invisible.

Step in it and you could seriously hurt yourself.

Other banana still there.

The MV Tim S. Dool is still over at Richardson’s.

Coca Cola created the Santa Claus that we now know.

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