Thunder Bay – Looking For Solution To Lead In Drinking Water That Does Not Involve Spending A Lot Of Money

Thunder Bay looking for new solutions to lead in drinking water

The City of Thunder Bay says it’s phasing out the use of sodium hydroxide in the city’s water supply and is looking for other options to reduce lead levels at the tap.

While it does that, it will provide free water filters to households with lead service pipes, officials said in a news release issued Friday.

The city first added sodium hydroxide to the water supply back in 2018 after the province mandated it to reduce lead levels in drinking water.

The sodium hydroxide succeeded in reducing lead levels, the city said, but it’s also receiving increased reports of pin-hole leaks in the pipes.

It’s now working with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks to find other forms of corrosion control, officials said. CBC News

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Lead water lines have always been known to be dangerous. City of Thunder Bay Admin had to know this was going to be a problem decades ago. The cities of Port Arthur and Fort William had to know this was going to be a problem decades before amalgamation. For some reason, nobody thought of removing all of the lead water lines and replace them with copper back then?  Why not?  Money of course.

Money trumps health all of the time.  Even now, remove and replace is not considered as a long term solution to lead in drinking water because of the cost.

I thought Canada is supposed to be a first world country.  Its not acting like one.

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