Thunder Bay – Is Contaminated Water Being Pumped into Lake Superior?

Mr. Wim Smit
Senior Environmental Officer
Ministry of the Environment

On October 23, 2010, I sent Ms. Katherine Dugmore, Waterfront
Development Manager, an email requesting information on how water
encountered during the site remediation excavation was going to be
handled. I also sent a you a copy of that email. I thought the
request was a valid one. I thought that information would be easy for
Ms. Dugmore to put into a reply email.

Ms. Dugmore did not see fit to answer my question.

Since I sent that email, we have had rain. Quite a bit of rain. As
you can see from the photos taken today, the water from the excavation
is being pumped into the rock fill. This is the same as pumping it
into the lake as the rock fill is a free draining material.

Is the water that is now being pumped into our lake not contaminated?
What proof has the city provide your office that shows its not.
Contaminated soil produces contaminate water. Is that not true? Ask someone with a well.

I am asking you to investigate and put a stop to this practice immediately.

October 23 Katherine Dugmore email

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