Canada – Government Message Not Credible.

Official nonsense on masks, travel bans is killing Ottawa’s COVID-19 credibility

On Saturday, the federal government announced passengers with COVID-19 symptoms would be barred from domestic air and train travel, effective noon on Monday. “It will be important for operators of airlines and trains to ensure that people who are exhibiting symptoms do not board,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters.

Does that make sense? It’s a question Canadians seem to be asking more and more about this country’s coronavirus response. And for governments and public health officials, it’s a dangerous one. All too often, the answer is “no.”

“What about buses?” many asked on social media of Saturday’s announcement. Buses are provincial jurisdiction, the feds noted. “What about ferries?” asked the Canadian Ferry Association. Good question. Ferries are Transport Canada’s business. No answer yet. Mind you, transport operators don’t yet have any guidance on how exactly they’re supposed to “ensure” symptomatic people don’t travel. It doesn’t make much sense. – national post

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Almost looks like Ottawa and Toronto are making up their virus contentment/treatment strategies as they go.

Remember way back when we were told that our healthcare systems were well prepared for the impending virus onslaught that was about to infect the globe?  Turns out that was a lie. Our healthcare system is not prepared for a global pandemic.  It never was. Yet we insert a huge amount of precious tax dollars into that system every year.  Where does all that money go?

Makes you wonder what other “noble lies” we are being fed to protect us from ourselves?

Some health experts questioning advice against wider use of masks to slow spread of COVID-19

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