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Thunder Bay - Cause And Effect

Thunder Bay – Cause And Effect

True….  the north core is going through a renaissance of sort.  Businesses are opening up.  Why?  Well this is where it gets interesting. The City of Thunder Bay is always quick to tie this urban core growth to its $60 million plus waterfront development.  Matters not that the waterfront development consists of a splash pad […]

Thunder Bay - Manufacturing Consent

Thunder Bay – Manufacturing Consent

manufacture of consent – the practice of controlling or manipulating the norms, values etc. held by an audience by controlling what they are exposed to in the media. This could be done by a government or other institution in authority. – The propaganda model is a conceptual model in political economy advanced by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomskythat states (In their book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media) how propaganda, […]

Thunder Bay - They Feel Our Pain.

Thunder Bay – They Feel Our Pain.

Ontario Ombudsman André Marin’s report into secrecy in municipal government contains good news and bad news. The good news? Citizens across the province are increasingly upset about local governments that conduct democratic business behind closed doors, and they are complaining in growing numbers. The bad news? Many municipal governments are still flouting the province’s open […]

Thunder Bay – Cause for Termination?…. Of Course!

Bus driver involved in collision with pedestrian charged By Matt Vis, City police have charged the bus driver involved in a collision with a pedestrian. “The officers have concluded a lengthy investigation and it has resulted in a charge of careless driving against the city transit driver,” said Thunder Bay Police Services traffic Sgt. […]

Thunder Bay – Lord Give Me Strength

Fire hall construction delayed due to weather By Plans to build a new fire hall in the city have hit a small glitch. The project on the corner of Frederica Street and Neebing Avenue will be delayed for three months due to weather issues. The city had to decide if they wanted to go […]