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The World – Another Another WTF Moment

You can’t help but think some bad shit is expected in 2015. First there was the US Treasury survival kits. Now this.  The US Fed hiring an Emergency Preparedness Specialist familiar with Department of Homeland Security Directives.  WTF? Why Is The Fed Hiring An “Emergency Preparedness Specialist Familiar With DHS Directives”  Submitted by Tyler Durden […]

Thunder Bay - Turn Up The Volume!

Thunder Bay – Turn Up The Volume!

    Thunder Bay Transit. On the buses, there are two aids to help passengers know what stop is coming up next…. visual and audio. The problem I have is with the system that announces the next stop by voice.  By sound. Passengers cannot hear it. The volume is set so low that the engine […]

Thunder Bay - The War On The Infrastructure Deficit

Thunder Bay – The War On The Infrastructure Deficit

  As I said several times before, you can spend tens of millions of tax dollars on infrastructure repair and replacement, but if the end product that we taxpayers  purchased is a piece of crap, then what’s the point?  This War on Infrastructure Deficit that the City of Thunder Bay is going to undertake will, like […]

The World – Does A Uniform Make A Person A Hero?

Heroism…what constitutes an act of heroism? Does being shot while sitting in a car count as an act of heroism?  Is simply being a police officer enough to warrant hero status? These Are NOT Heroes Tim Knight from Slope of Hope A couple of days ago, I was listening on the radio to Joe Biden speaking at […]

The World – Sony Hack An Inside Job?

Is the US government using this event as an excuse to tighten Internet security? An excuse to make North Korea appear to be more of a threat than it actually is? Don’t underestimate governments’ opportunism when it comes to repurposing global/national events to for their own purposes. To further their own agendas. What we have […]

Thunder Bay – The TTC Versus Bombardier

You have to wonder if the TTC and the City of Toronto are getting fed up with Bombardier.  It must be frustrating for the TTC  to have planned for replacement streetcars to have entered service only to find that old streetcars must be kept running….at additional costs. I am a firm believer that Bombardier Thunder […]

Thunder Bay - Naysayers Vindicated!

Thunder Bay – Naysayers Vindicated!

I just got back from Toronto so I have been absent from my keyboard for a week.  Time to get caught up with the news.   The city report card report released on December 23 is a very interesting read.  This report is a validation of everything that the so-called naysayers have said in their arguments […]

Thunder Bay - The Sky Is Falling...Really!

Thunder Bay – The Sky Is Falling…Really!

The City infrastructure report card and the ensuing debt tsunami is all being brought forward because of a provincial plan/strategy released earlier this year. The provincial document contains the following.. Asset management in Thunder Bay Thunder Bay’s infrastructure is aging while demand for better municipal services is growing in response to higher standards of safety, […]

The World – Humans Do Not Want To Kill Each Other…Then Why Do We?

The encouraging message we should take from the Christmas Truce of 100 years ago is that given the opportunity, most humans do not wish to kill each other. As Nazi leader Hermann Goring said during the Nuremberg war crimes trials, “naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in […]

The World – Theres Gold (Physical Gold) And Then There’s Not-Gold (Paper Gold)

An interesting year end FYI on gold and other global financial issues.  This might go a long way to help you understand just how badly you and I are being financially screwed. Gold and silver are still looking good…. Previous Canada and China currency swap centre post here.