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Ebolapalooza – The Virus Must Be Stopped In Africa

Ebola …. there is more to this virus than we are being told.  Why are we not being told this stuff?  For our own protection, of course. (Much of what is on this video is covered in previous Ebolapalooza posts.  Check them out by clicking on Ebolapalooza below this post.) Once again, vigilance and proper […]

Thunder Bay - Frozen Pedestrian Blood.  A Driving Hazard For Local Motorists?

Thunder Bay – Frozen Pedestrian Blood. A Driving Hazard For Local Motorists?

Snow, freezing rain and falling temperatures combine for treacherous roads A transport truck crashes and ended up in Strawberry Creek off Highway 102 Saturday afternoon   By Matt Vis, THUNDER BAY — Motorists are being advised to drive with caution as slippery roads are expected to only get worse as temperatures drop. The city […]

The World - Black Friday

The World – Black Friday

An interesting comparison between two different points in time.  United States or Canada..its all the same.  Now this Black Friday shit has hit the UK….Soon it will be global.  As fear, stupidity and ignorance spreads over the world, Black Friday follows. People are slowly devolving into wild animals fighting over a few cheap scraps that […]

Thunder Bay - Mall Jesus

Thunder Bay – Mall Jesus

Why is there no such thing such as a Mall Jesus’?  Why can’t people get their photos taken with Jesus?  Christmas is supposed to be the birthday of Jesus.  I think its only right that the Birthday Boy Himself or one of His helpers are available at malls or department stores to have children come […]

Thunder Bay - Don't Talk To Police

Thunder Bay – Don’t Talk To Police

Once again,the article speaks of US law but the sentiment rings true in Canada as well. Don’t speak to police.  Other than maybe hello, some small talk about the weather or how the Leafs are doing, its best to keep your mouth shut. Tightly shut.  Especially if the conversation moves in your direction or ..anyone’s […]

Thunder Bay - Four More Years Of This Shit

Thunder Bay – Four More Years Of This Shit

Watched the coverage of this on television. Not a politician to be seen on my screen.  Well, Joe V. was seen exiting the meeting room first. I guess he did not want to go on camera say just what happened. Why is it that the media is always having City Administration do the onscreen ‘splainin […]

Thunder Bay - Thunder Bay Needs To Go On A 12 Step Program

Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Needs To Go On A 12 Step Program

First step to recovery is to admit you have a problem…Thunder Bay has many problems, none more glaring than the love of Consultant Pitchman/Woman.  The City of Thunder Bay seem to believe everything these snake oil salespeople have to say. So…what dream merchant is trying to get our tax dollars this week? Read on… No […]

Canada - Manufacturing Fear

Canada – Manufacturing Fear

– James Risen, Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War There is an interview with James Risen in The Intercept which you can read  here. Manufacturing fear…in Thunder Bay?  Well…. Remember Remembrance Day?  The Thunder Bay Police Department making people feel safe by protecting them from….well…nothing? Why do you think that was done? Who benefits […]

Canada - Nazis? Turns Out Canada Thinks They're OK.

Canada – Nazis? Turns Out Canada Thinks They’re OK.

World War II….Remember World war II?  Hitler and Nazi Germany were the bad guys. Nazi’s…REALLY bad guys. Thousands of Canadians died fighting Nazis. The Holocaust? A Nazi program. Nazism was bad. Who wants that around? Turns out Harper does. Why is it that not one Canadian mainstream media reported this?  Do they not think its […]

Thunder Bay - The Days Of Future Future

Thunder Bay – The Days Of Future Future

Lento says an index like this can be very useful in determining future economic development priorities. What’s there to determine?  $120 million plus multi-purpose arena?  The yet-to-be-priced Phase 2 Prince Arthur’s Landing?  Future economic development DONE!  Just ask Keith and Tim. They’ll tell you. Spend over a quarter billion dollars of that sweet, sweet taxpayer […]