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Canada – The Real Face Of Terror

Canada and Australia need to take a look at Pakistan to see what an act of terror REALLY looks like. Its not a guy driving a car in Quebec and hitting a couple of soldiers. Its not a guy shooting a soldier in Ottawa and then running into Parliament with a rifle, a rifle that […]

Thunder Bay - More Nails

Thunder Bay – More Nails

in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes….and the Thunder Bay Police Department having a budget deficit at the end of the fiscal year. – Benjamin Franklin In hopes of preventing another unbalanced budget, Levesque presented the board with the tentative 2015 budget which is seeking a 1.5 per […]

Thunder Bay - Love MPAC, Hate MPAC

Thunder Bay – Love MPAC, Hate MPAC

Hobbs said this is the latest case where MPAC is hurting communities with its reassessments. “MPAC is out of control,” Hobbs said. “It’s disgusting.” – Mayor Keith Hobbs, Tbnewswatch Mayor Hobbs loves MPAC when property assessments are higher than previous years. Mayor Hobbs hates MPAC when the corporation’s  property assessments are lower than previous years. […]

Thunder Bay - Deja-Vu All Over Again....

Thunder Bay – Deja-Vu All Over Again….

Update:  I originally thought that the resolution was voted on a passed. That was not the case. Turns out that there was more to this story. Much more. The title of the Tbnewswatch article,  “Council Now Has Policy To Address Vacant Seats” might give the reader the impression that council now has a policy to […]

The World - Citigroup Wrote The Wall Street Giveaway Section Of The $1.1 Trillion US Spending Bill

The World – Citigroup Wrote The Wall Street Giveaway Section Of The $1.1 Trillion US Spending Bill

Yes, the foxes are now writing the legislation that decides how much protection  the chickens need.  Is this happening in Canada as well?  Oh yes.  The Canadian Council of Chief Executives is one such group. Then there are trade agreements such as CETA and TPP. Corporations have huge input into international trade agreements such as those.  Trade […]

Canada - Another Example Of Your Government Being Bought

Canada – Another Example Of Your Government Being Bought

Here is an example of just how large corporations control your government.  When big money speaks, politicians listen. Can anyone say “120 million plus multi-purpose arena“? I am sure that bringing in all these foreign trainees without offering Canadians a chance to apply is somehow being done for our own good?   This helps the […]

Thunder Bay - Ah Yes....Its Always For Our Own Good!

Thunder Bay – Ah Yes….Its Always For Our Own Good!

…and now for the further adventures of Democracyman   Angus is also asking administration to figure out the best way for council to deal with vacancies, should one arise, at the table. The Municipal Act gives city councils options but Angus said it’s time to decide which is the right one. He’d like to see a […]

Thunder Bay – Next Thunder Bay Mayor? How About Shì zhǎng Fàntǒng?

Think about this story being published four years from now with the National Research Council being replaced by the words City of Thunder Bay Online Voting Results Tabulating. What do you do if, after the election has come and gone, it is found that the computer system that tabulates the online voting results was hacked? The […]

Thunder Bay - Its The System...Stupid! The Problem Is The System!

Thunder Bay – Its The System…Stupid! The Problem Is The System!

People just hacked into Sony Pictures computer system. Governments, large businesses and…well…everything gets hacked eventually. Hackers can get into a computer system, make changes and leave without anyone knowing. There will be no physical ballots that can ever be used to confirm the validity of any election results. It will be what you see is […]

The World – Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick

People in the US banking industry are preparing for a financial collapse. See previous post here. The warning signs are starting to add up.  How will this effect Canada?  The rest of the world?   Can’t be good. Presenting The $303 Trillion In Derivatives That US Taxpayers Are Now On The Hook For Submitted by […]