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Thunder Bay - Random Stuff

Thunder Bay – Random Stuff

No, its not the Mariott/Delta Waterfront Hotel. Its that addition to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Had the “fully funded” waterfront hotel continued with its construction instead of shutting it down in September, , the building’s steel skeleton could have been completed by now.  The weather this fall could not have been better.  Great weather wasted, millions […]

The World – Huge Methane Geyser…Another Environmental Disaster Being Ignored By The Mainstream Media

Not something that is getting a lot of coverage on the mainstream media. The huge methane geyser in southern California.  Previous post here. Southern Cal Gas, the company that owns this underground gas storage field has no idea how to stop it.   Not a clue.  Just like the Tokyo Electric Power Company at Fukushima Japan. […]

Thunder Bay - All Or Nothing....Again

Thunder Bay – All Or Nothing….Again

A Toronto Star article from December 13, 2015 ….. I’m sure you remember this.. Liberal government says shovel-ready infrastructure project could get some cash Canada’s new infrastructure minister says projects that are shovel-ready and meet the Liberal government’s national objectives will get some of the billions in new federal cash being made available. Infrastructure Minister […]

Thunder Bay - Talking The Talk But Not Walking Anywhere

Thunder Bay – Talking The Talk But Not Walking Anywhere

I don’t know about you but there seems to be something hypocritical about a city that is getting ready for climate change by plastering the city with these not so green paper notices. This kind of bullshit is why we are in this environmental mess.  Does nobody understand this? The fact that the notice was […]

The World – How Big Oil Conquered The World

An interesting documentary by James Corbett on the rise of Big Oil.  The Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Dutch Royal Family and the Nobels….Standard Oil, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum…the death of the electric car…monopolies and scandals…

Thunder Bay - Tbaytel Serving Up Shit Sandwiches For The Holidays

Thunder Bay – Tbaytel Serving Up Shit Sandwiches For The Holidays

With Christmas Day falling on a Friday and Boxing Day falling on a Saturday this year, the holiday weekend will be four days long for many government employees. Add to that half a working day Christmas Eve and you have an extra long, long weekend. Why then , did Tbaytel leave this Water Street lane […]

Canada – Helicopter Money

A term that I expect to hear a lot next year is “helicopter money”.  Its the next thing that governments will try to use to stimulate the economy.  Might be that last arrow in the government’s fiscal quiver. Basically what will happen is that the government will start handing out money to everyone.  Not borrowed […]

Thunder Bay - Merry Christmas

Thunder Bay – Merry Christmas

The World – 2016 Economic/Financial Trends According To Gerald Celente…For What Its Worth

Enjoy your holidays.  Welcome in the new year.  Have a good time.  Do all that…THEN watch this video. Gerald Celented discusses his trend predictions for 2016.  Be prepared.