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Thunder Bay - Plausible Deniability

Thunder Bay – Plausible Deniability

Why did City Council/City Admin  not know what the Federal decision was BEFORE last Thursday’s special council meeting?  You know…confirm whether the Gas Tax Funds were eligible to be used to fund the Federal portion of the proposed Event Centre project.  Confirm that kind-of-important  information.  Why not?  Gross negligence. That’s what I am seeing here. That […]

Thunder Bay – If We Hosted The Winter Olympics, Then Maybe….

but the City of Thunder Bay is not hosting the Winter Olympics…. More recently, Bal Gosal, minister of state for sport, announced nearly $70 million for Ivor Wynne because it was a Pan-Am Games venue — until it becomes a professional football stadium. Moncton is using exactly the same gas tax approach as Thunder Bay […]

Thunder Bay - More Danger Will Robinson - Dufferin Street Hill?  Again?

Thunder Bay – More Danger Will Robinson – Dufferin Street Hill? Again?

Is Dufferin Street hill Thunder Bay’s version of the Magnetic Hill? It does seem to attract idiots. Previously, I posted about a truck parked at the top of the hill. Now some idiot has parked his/her car just over the crest of the hill.  Thunder Bay drivers…the absolute worst.  

The World – Gates Foundation Working For Who (Whom?) Exactly?

Cornell University takes money from globalist Bill Gates to push GMOs Using financing from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ivy League Cornell University’s Alliance for Science has launched a multi-million-dollar broadside against a small food-oriented public interest group as a means of pushing genetically modified organisms to new markets around the world — and […]

Thunder Bay - Rumours - Gas Tax Edition 2

Thunder Bay – Rumours – Gas Tax Edition 2

More  Gas Tax Fund rumours… earlier post here My understanding of the Federal response to the Gas Tax Fund  application is as follows: that this information had come to light in the community via on Friday. From who to who, I do not know.  But it now appears that the information was indeed accurate.  Soooo… The information […]

Thunder Bay - What Do We Talk About Now?

Thunder Bay – What Do We Talk About Now?

Well…after a bit of a break, then we need to find out exactly when City Hall first heard about the fact that the proposed $120 million plus arena was not eligible for any Federal funding. Did someone/someones lie to council/public?  Hmmmmm?

Thunder Bay – Did Someone Lie?

What do you know…the rumours were true! City officials told they can’t use gas-tax money for an event centre Thunder Bay’s mayor says the plan to build the proposed event centre has been dropped. The decision was announced Monday afternoon, four days after council voted late last Thursday night to proceed to the design and build […]

The World - Booz Allen Contractor Has No Public Face

The World – Booz Allen Contractor Has No Public Face

Something interesting from the Germanwings crash…The Booz Allen contractor that worked for the Pentagon…the same company that employed Edward Snowden…no photos….in the mainstream media… There is something that smells about this situation… There is this article here by Radar Online by the supposed husband and father of the two American victims..Conspiracy?    

The World - The US Prepares For Martial Law

The World – The US Prepares For Martial Law

The US military is practicing operating in American cities. Why you might ask? To deal with civil unrest, of course. Why would there be civil unrest you might ask? Because the financial shit is about to hit the fan. Thats why. There are going to be a lot of angry people in the streets (think […]

Thunder Bay - Rumours...Gas Tax Edition

Thunder Bay – Rumours…Gas Tax Edition

Yes…I print rumours…Yes I speculate…That’s the beauty of having your own website.  If you don’t like reading about rumours, then stop reading now. I’m hearing rumours that the Feds have denied the City of Thunder Bay’s application to use the Gas Tax Fund  to fund the $120 million plus Event Centre/Convention Centre.  In fact, it […]