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Thunder Bay - Six Months Later?

Thunder Bay – Six Months Later?

Two trunk water mains extending from the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant, which were successfully replaced last fall, are scheduled for commissioning today, Thursday, April 30. – Tbnewswatch read full article here Successfully replaced last fall?  Commissioning today? The last day in April?  Half a year after they were successfully replaced?  HALF A YEAR?  WTF? […]

Thunder Bay - Great Idea...Wrong City

Thunder Bay – Great Idea…Wrong City

Councillor wants to look at closing a portion of Red River Road to traffic A city councillor wants a report on the possibility of shutting down a major downtown street to increase business activity and get people out of their cars on the city’s north side. Coun. Trevor Giertuga will ask for a report on […]

Thunder Bay - The Bitterness Of Poor Quality

Thunder Bay – The Bitterness Of Poor Quality

Hmmm….Ontario has problems with its privatization of highway maintenance, particularly snow removal. Ontario’s winter roads ‘less safe’ since privatization: auditor Lysyk said she was stunned to find the Liberal government kept awarding the contracts despite warnings from Ministry of Transportation engineers that many low bidders didn’t have enough equipment to do the job properly. Lysyk […]

The World – Central Bankers Ball

Max and Stacy give you a look at the nice little game that the central banks and corporations have going on today.  Cheap money from the central banks means that corporations do not have to hire workers or produce anything in order to make money. The very rich get even richer and everyone else…well they […]

Canada – The Trans-Pacific Globalization Pact Ottawa Doesn’t Want To Talk About

As I have said time and time again, these trade pacts that our government is negotiating in total secrecy, trade pacts that are being written by corporations, will change every aspect of your life, your children’s lives and their children’s lives and so on… Total secrecy?….You have to wonder just how bad this trade pact […]

Thunder Bay - More Court Street Bridge Stuff

Thunder Bay – More Court Street Bridge Stuff

I walk passed the new Court Street bridge almost every day. A few things that I have noticed. In a previous post, I discussed the quality of the rock protection work done by the contractor and accepted by the City of Thunder Bay and Lakehead Regional Conservation Authority. As you can see, the upper edge […]

The World – How Much Mercury Can You Safely Inject Into A Child? Is It More Than Zero?

Maybe a voice of reason has come forward.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks about mercury in vaccines and vaccine safety in general.  Are vaccines necessary for public safety or they produced just to make money for corporations?  The question that needs to be asked is just how much mercury or formaldehyde can you safely inject […]

The World – Poison Gas, Vaccines And GMOs…What Do They Have In Common? Bayer Of Course

Bayer….they are not now or have ever been just about aspirin…..When you think Bayer, think poison gas, vaccines and GMOs as well.  Monsanto is not the only evil corporation in the world… If you watch the video, pay attention to how some American corporations played both sides in World War II. After all, a dollar […]

The World – Giant Solar Filament

Something to maybe pay attention to…if the solar filament releases and heads towards earth does that mean we be sent back to the stone age?   Who knows?…Can’t be a good thing.  Well, the northern lights might be really spectacular up in the sky as we watch all our electronic fry….or not.