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The World – Bank Of International Settlements Admits Low interest Rates To Blame For Excessive Debt

Low interest rates has set the table for the next global economic crash….and when the global economy finally does crash, there is nothing that can be done to get the economy going again. Nothing…unless the BIS takes control of the world’s currencies, and issues a new currency…a global currency that will be electronic…no cash.  They […]

The World – Is Puerto Rico The Next Financial Domino To Fall?

This is what the financial experts have been fearing the most..bankruptcy contagion. There are many cities and countries around the world that are struggling under huge debt loads. If these jurisdictions see that declaring bankruptcy is a viable option, then the debt dominoes will begin to fall. Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Argentina…and what about the […]

Thunder Bay - North Core Greed

Thunder Bay – North Core Greed

In a previous post, I commented on an article about the walkability of the downtown north core. About how the Waterfront BIA WANTS the City of Thunder Bay make the downtown north core more walkable. Well, I consider myself an expert on walkability as that is what I do. That is my main mode of […]

Canada – Harper Possibly Violates Bill C-51…Doesn’t Care Because He’s Not Muslim

Robyn Urback of the National Post has written an article commenting on one of Stephen Harper’s sleazy attack ads aimed squarely at his favourite target, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. Attack ads are the lowest of the lows when it comes to election campaigns, but  unfortunately, they seem to work.  I am not sure […]

The World – Greek Financial Crisis Fallout Begins

Some global fecal material is hitting the stock market fan…We are about to live in interesting times…. Greece debt crisis: Global stock markets slide Stock markets in Europe are seeing big falls after Greece closed its banks and imposed capital controls. The moves by the Greek authorities came after the European Central Bank decided not […]

The World – Fukushima Update….Its Not Looking Good

And it things just keep getting worse. No solution in sight. A prime example of corporate greed at its best. Not ever mentioned by the mainstream media. Japan is an ally after all and future partner in the TPP agreement.  The fact that that country might be responsible for turning the Pacific Ocean and the […]

Thunder Bay - Your Tax Dollars At Work - Court Street Revisted

Thunder Bay – Your Tax Dollars At Work – Court Street Revisted

On Monday, May 15, 2015  the driveway looked like this On June 28, 2015, the driveway looked like this.. So…in two weeks, the City of Thunder Bay has been able to place concrete in the sidewalk portion of the driveway.  The homeowner have not been able to use their driveway for two weeks and counting. […]

Thunder Bay Meets The World – Predicting The Economic Future And Pension Bankruptcy

In this clip from the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the futility of economic predictions and the pension plan catastrophe that is waiting in the financial wings. Financial predictions, such as the ones consulting firms produced during the different stages of the Feasibility Study into the Event Centre were summed up in a couple of […]

The World – The Things We Eat Now And In The Future

What’s this about Agent Orange ready crops?  Away,  a conversation with Jeffrey M. Smith about our food… Some scary shit about our food…

Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Jumped The Gun

A Chronicle Journal letter to the editor dated Thursday July 25, 2015 I think it sums up what is wrong with City Hall’s recent expression of everlasting love for online voting perfectly. Our glorious City Administration is trying to fix something that is not broken by bulldozing it flat and replacing it with something that […]