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Thunder Bay – Danger Bay?

Murder statistics sometimes misleading Most of the murders that took place last year can be pinpointed to socio-economic causes. Poverty, combined with alcohol and drug addiction, were a factor in nearly every killing that took place. There’s little police can do to stop them from happening. They’re crimes of opportunity. The city, with help from […]

The World – Chilean Salmon…Avoid It

I’m not a fan of salmon but many people are. Do you know where your salmon comes from? Do you know how much antibiotics are used to produce that salmon? Costco Ditches Antibiotic-Laced Chilean Salmon Costco is concerned about the antibiotics in fish. That’s why the nation’s third largest retailer ditched Chilean salmon in favor […]

Canada – A Tinpot Dictatorship?

Canada? A tinpot dictatorship? …and for some reason, Canadians seem to be just fine with that…

Canada - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Canada – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Press play Yes…Canada has been regulated to beggar status when negotiating with the US.  And beggars can’t be choosers. Do you really believe that the few remaining Canadian manufacturers can compete against low cost countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru and Chile?  Do you think the Canadian poultry and dairy industry can compete against […]

Thunder Bay – Relationship Needs To Be Clarified – Update

Interesting…apparently something has changed since Ms. Magiskan’s previous interview.  Hmmm… City postpones historic China trip for Aboriginal youth Plans to send a contingent of Aboriginal youth to Jiaozou, China is being postponed until sufficient funds to sponsor the youth can be raised. “Unfortunately, the time frame we had to fundraise to cover the total cost […]

Canada – Down To The Short Strokes

Its getting down to the short strokes…Once His Excellency, Stephan Harper, Prime Minister for Life, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the World in General and Canada in Particular marks his “X” on the TPP agreement, Canadians are financially screwed…forever TPP Shakedown in Maui A […]

Thunder Bay – Time To Get To The Bottom Of This Mess…

Tired of ‘excuses,’ TTC chairman says they want their ‘damn streetcars’ While Toronto Transit Commission officials wait for their “damn streetcars,” the union president representing workers at the city’s Bombardier plant says supply issues are to blame for the company falling behind schedule. Unifor Local 1075 president Dominic Pasqualino said there have been delays issues […]

Thunder Bay - Wants And Needs And Money

Thunder Bay – Wants And Needs And Money

City sends wish list for funds Westfort Coun. Joe Virdiramo, who is also on the city’s Inter-Governmental Affairs Committee, was one of the attendees at the meeting. He said the discussion revolved around infrastructure around the city and region, including roads, bridges and the proposed multimillion-dollar event centre. “I think the people that were at […]

Thunder Bay - A Beautiful Day In Your Neighbourhood....Well Not Exactly YOUR Neighbourhood...Not Exactly Beautiful

Thunder Bay – A Beautiful Day In Your Neighbourhood….Well Not Exactly YOUR Neighbourhood…Not Exactly Beautiful

Once again, City Council , a division of City Hall Inc., show just how little you have to say about your neighbourhood.  Just shut up and pay your taxes… Citing infill and taxes, council approves 10-unit building on Strand Avenue despite neighbourhood concerns People in the area wanted to see the project as two separate […]

Thunder Bay – Long Grass Is Better Than Short Grass When It Comes To Stormwater Management

New urban garden helps manage storm water in Thunder Bay City officials say the engineered green space filters runoff, prevents pooling and adds beauty City officials in Thunder Bay say a new green space along one of the city’s busiest streets will beautify the route and also deal with storm water runoff. The city unveiled […]