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Thunder Bay - Eat More Silica Dust . Inhale More Silica Dust. Its The Thunder Bay Way

Thunder Bay – Eat More Silica Dust . Inhale More Silica Dust. Its The Thunder Bay Way

Prince Arthur’s Landing produces a endless supply of things to post about. In this case, another example of the City of Thunder Bay’s disregard for the safety of park visitors. Visitors to the City of Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination. (type the word “dust” into the search window for other examples) People, eat some silica […]

Thunder Bay - The Walking Dead, The Drinking Dead, The Eating Dead

Thunder Bay – The Walking Dead, The Drinking Dead, The Eating Dead

Rampant liquor theft leads to safety concern among LCBO employees Liquor theft at the Cumberland Street LCBO has become so common its staff has stopped notifying police. Customer Jessica Dykes filed a formal complaint after she was caught between the LCBO’s doors on Sunday as several men ran out with booze they’d stolen. She said […]

Thunder Bay - Future Home of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery?

Thunder Bay – Future Home of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery?

The future home of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery?  I know the site that has always been mentioned is the waterfront area south of Pearl Street entrance to the park. However, that section of land is heavily contaminated which causes problems with construction. If the Mariott/Delta Waterfront Hotel construction keeps getting delayed forever, which is […]

The World – Days Of Rage Are Coming

The days of rage are coming.  The have-nots are going to take out their frustrations on the haves.  This rage will starting with the destruction of the stuff the haves own and is easy to get at.  Property, cars…. The police?  Good luck with that. The following is a post by Charles Hugh Smith that […]

The World - Bomb Boy Hoax And The Mainstream Media...

The World – Bomb Boy Hoax And The Mainstream Media…

Remember bomb boy?  The 14 year old high school student from Irving, Texas who became a global celebrity after he was arrested for making a clock, that teachers at his school thought may be a bomb?  Remember him? He supposedly made this clock and brought it to school to show his teacher.  But what did […]

Thunder Bay - Hey You....Queens Park And Ottawa....You Make My Dreams Come True...

Thunder Bay – Hey You….Queens Park And Ottawa….You Make My Dreams Come True…

Mayor Pushes New Event Centre Plan B Earlier this year, the federal government told city officials that they could support a separate stand-alone convention centre or recreational facility project as long as no professional or semi-professional sports were attached. The city was originally planning on making the American Hockey League affiliate team of the Winnipeg […]

Canada - Chinese J-31 Versus F-35....

Canada – Chinese J-31 Versus F-35….

Chinese J-31 Stealth fighter…looks a lot like the F-35…has two engines instead of the F-35’s single engine, and is definitely MUCH cheaper…its made in China after all…

The World – Why Are Russia And China The Enemy?

Why is the US and its military demonizing Russia and China?  Its all about world dominance and, of course, money. If you are a country that is strong enough financially and militarily to get in the way of the US Global Empire building, then you are a threat and MUST be neutralized.

Canada – A Government That No Longer Exists Negotiating Trade Deal On Behalf Of A Country The Non-Existent Government No Longer Represents

If former Canadian Prime Minister Steve Harper’s former Trade Minister Ed Fast needs to still be at the bargaining table, late in September, why did former Prime Minister Steve Harper go to the Governor General, way back on August 2, 2015, and ask that Parliament be dissolved?  Why?  Is this a surprise meeting?  I have […]

The World – The Mainstream Media is Rife With Propaganda

An interesting video tirade  that provides a little clarity (or not) to some of today’s global issues.  Are we really free? Do we really live in a democracy? Yes, most references are American but I believe they translate to Canada easily. Short ad at the beginning….nothing I could do about that