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Thunder Bay - Parking Permits 2

Thunder Bay – Parking Permits 2

  On-street parking. I have posted on this subject before.  Not a fan and winter is the reason why. The parked vehicles get in the way of the snow clearing operations.  This requires snow-clearing equipments to make several passes around the city, at additional costs to the snow removal budget. To make matters worse, any […]

The World – The US Makes The Rules So It Always Wins And You Lose

What I find amazing is the the entire world sees just how large a hypocrite the US is and nobody cares.  I guess economic blackmail combined with threat of assassination/regime change works wonders to quell any discourse.  Bullies eventually fall. Its just a matter of time.  Soon the world will wake up and realize that […]

Thunder Bay – Actually, Its Up To The TTC If The Schedule Gets Adjusted

How do you get back on schedule? You change the schedule of course.  That reminds me of Robert Alexander, former Manager of Community and Emergency Services.   He had a take on budgeting that was actually quite astounding. You set your budget at the END of the project.  When all the work is complete.  I […]

The World - We Are Afraid Of Our Own Government

The World – We Are Afraid Of Our Own Government

This is the whole point of the NSA spying. Not public saftey. Nope, its to stifle public dissent. To keep ideas from spreading. Sadly. it appears to be working. That is one of the hallmarks of fascist regimes…. public surveillance, public informing on each other and fear of speaking out.  Combine that with the police […]

The World – US Taxpayers…Are They Really That Stupid?

You know, I see this shit and wonder do Americans not read?  Why are they not angry? I mean..REALLY angry?   You know, torches and pitchforks angry.  Tar and feathers angry. Instead of worrying about external terrorists such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the American public should pay more attention to the internal terrorists.  The bankers. […]

Thunder Bay - Time To Get Rid Of That Shit

Thunder Bay – Time To Get Rid Of That Shit

Neonics defence; Limits hurt farmers and environment, overlook success in reducing ‘bee incidents’ Saturday, December 27, 2014 Re Ontario Planning to Cut Use of Pesticide Linked to Bee Deaths by 80 per cent — CJ, Nov. 26: Those celebrating the Ontario government’s intentions to restrict the use of neonicotinoid seed treatments fail to appreciate that […]

The World – Chinese Test-Prep Factories

Article removed due to  COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK CLAIM: DMCA Take Down Notice: Infringing Use of New York Times Material  

Thunder Bay – High Property Taxes, Isolation, Low Population Density And Spread Out Tax Base…High Murder Rate…

The City of Thunder Bay property taxes are already among the highest in Ontario. Judging from the recommendations found in the end of the year Infrastructure Report, the property taxes are about to get even higher. User fees are about to get even  higher. Utility rates are going to get higher. The City’s debt load […]

The World - The US Loves Global Instability...Because It Causes Most Of It

The World – The US Loves Global Instability…Because It Causes Most Of It

If you are a war mongering nation that spends more on defense than the next 10 countries combined, then a world with perpetual war is your wet dream. Overthrowing governments and assassinating politicians is your modus operandi. The new European ‘arc of instability’ Pepe Escobar is the roving correspondent for Asia Times/Hong Kong, an analyst […]