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Thunder Bay - A Day At The Park

Thunder Bay – A Day At The Park

New Years Day down at the $60 million plus waterfront. I was passing through so I thought I would update you on a couple of things. First this sign located right at the intersection of the Pearl Street entrance and Water Street.  Notice how close it is to the pedestrian crossing. Below is the view […]

Thunder Bay - You Voted For Who?

Thunder Bay – You Voted For Who?

The City of Thunder Bay wants City Council embrace online voting for the 2018 municipal election. I have posted on this issue before.  Several posts.  I am not a fan. I have a new question about online voting: If a voter that wants to vote over the Internet has to use some sort of secure code […]

Ebolapalooza – Weaponized Ebola?

It is the logical next step. Is this why infected doctors/nurses were returned to their home countries for treatment? Practice? Getting the public used to having Ebola infected people around?  Making it appear that the WHO has a handle on this? If Ebola gets to India/Southeast Asia/China…then all bets are off. Weaponized Ebola? ISIS Militants […]

The World - Spy Agencies Break Laws...Surprise, Surprise

The World – Spy Agencies Break Laws…Surprise, Surprise

Think all this government surveillance is for your own protection? Think again.  Think that the surveillant organizations will be controlled by any laws meant to limit the scope of their operations? Think again. Thing to remember when you are talking on your phone, text messaging, Facebooking and Twittering.  Also cloud storage… Christmas Eve Document Dump […]