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Thunder Bay - The War On Pedestrians Continues

Thunder Bay – The War On Pedestrians Continues

The war on pedestrians continues… Pedestrian in hospital after being hit by pickup truck A Thunder Bay Police Service official said the woman was walking along Cumberland Street around 9:30 p.m. when she was struck by a pickup truck at the intersection of Gibson Street. The vehicle fled the scene and was last seen travelling […]

The World – Global Trade Is King

Why will there never be anything done about climate Change? Why? Because there is nothing that can be done without affecting trade. Trade between countries trump any legislation a country might try to pass to get its citizens to buy products that are not transported half way around the world. Products that are produced in […]

Thunder Bay – Secret Service Has Gun Stolen Out Of Personal Vehicle….Hmmmm Now Where Have I Heard That Before?

An interesting article that has a strong resemblance to an incident that happened here in Thunder Bay.  You know, the time a local police officer had his/her service revolver and three ammo clips stolen out of his/her personal vehicle?  The local gun crime that has disappeared from the public radar?  The local gun crime that […]

Canada – Hard To Kick The Welfare Habit

Once on welfare, its hard to get off. This is a problem many welfare recipients face…get a job, make money, get off welfare, lose benefits. Benefits such as dental, eyeglasses, prescription drugs…who knows what else? Sooo, there is a very large disincentive for people to get off social assistance and back into the working world. […]

The World – Military To Military – Seymour Hersh

A very interesting and pertinent article about how the US Pentagon is at odds with the US government’s fixation on removing Assad as head of Syria. Removing Hussein from Iraq and Qaddafi from Libya has allowed the Islamic  fundamentalist to run wild in the Middle East all he while providing those groups with failed states […]

The World – Huge, Wafting Cloud of Methane Over California’s Aliso Canyon

A serious problem that also effects the planet that nobody is talking about in the mainstream media is methane gas leaks. Methane gas, is present at almost all oil drilling operations. Wells are constantly leaking methane. There are tens of thousands of them all over the world. Methane is a much more dangerous greenhouse gas […]

The World – Secret Catalog Of Government Gear For Spying On Your Cellphone

This article is worth a read if your interested in knowing how many different ways there are for governments, law enforcement, and anyone else that can afford to buy the equipment, to monitor your cellphone data.  Everything.  Every word.  Every email.  Everything uploaded and downloaded. A Secret Catalogue of Government Gear for Spying on Your […]

Thunder Bay - Broken Fences, National Television And Climate Change

Thunder Bay – Broken Fences, National Television And Climate Change

Family Fun Day ramps up to Hometown Hockey Sunday was the first Winter Family Fun Day of the season at Prince Arthur’s Landing but you could have called it the pre-game show. Young people dressed in their skates and hockey jerseys smiled and waved for a drone video that will be played on Jan. 3, […]

Thunder Bay – Winter Solstice

Druids know about this already but for those of you who are not Druids…  Winter solstice tomorrow at 11:49 pm  EST It is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is the shortest day of the year. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. […]