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Thunder Bay - Fourth Senior Manager To Leave City Hall

Thunder Bay – Fourth Senior Manager To Leave City Hall

  Another city manager bites the dust.  Alexander, Matson, Mauro, Pollard.  There must be fecal material about to hit a fan somewhere in City Hall. I suspect money (taxes) is going to become harder to come by in his city.  Financial assistance from senior levels of government is not a sure thing either has […]

The World – The Nuclear Disaster At Fukushima Continues

Something that I have been mentioning on this site many times  ( type “fukushima” into the search window for previous posts) but is being completely ignored by the mainstream media. A subject that was not mentioned in Paris at the COP21 conference on Climate Change. Fukushima. The nuclear crisis at Fukushima. Why not?   Is the […]

Thunder Bay – The Story Of Flint Michigan

With all the controversy in Thunder Bay over the addition of sodium hydroxide into the water system, I thought that the recent story of Flint Michigan might be worth a view. Its about lead water pipes, an acidic water supply and an environmental catastrophe. It also demonstrates that governments do not always act in the […]

Thunder Bay – More Taxpayer Cash Headed For The Bottomless Money Pit

Event Centre Phase 3 coming in nearly $177K over budget The city’s third phase for the proposed event centre is coming in nearly $177,000 over budget. On Monday city council will be asked to approve $176,988 over the original $3 million for completion of the third phase mainly due to extra legal services for operating, […]

Canada – We Have To Get Out Of NATO

Turkey is in NATO. Canada is in NATO. Why is Canada a member of an organization that has members that use UN trucks to supply the terrorists that we are fighting? Why is Canada a member of an organization that has a member that jails journalists for being critical of government policies? Why is Canada […]

Thunder Bay - City Police Force Swearing In New Constables

Thunder Bay – City Police Force Swearing In New Constables

City police force swears in three new constables Police chief J.P. Levesque said he hopes the newest additions to his service follow a simple philosophy while on the job. “Treat people how you’d like to be treated or if your parents or a loved one had to call the police, how you’d like to see […]

Thunder Bay - Thunder Bay's War On Pedestrians Continues

Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay’s War On Pedestrians Continues

The war on pedestrians continues.  Wednesday afternoon, yet another Thunder Bay pedestrian was mowed down by one of the city’s seemingly endless supply of terrible drivers. Elderly pedestrian struck at crosswalk The 81 year old female pedestrian was knocked over by the left turning vehicle as she was crossing the street in the crosswalk on […]

Canada – Canada Now Selling World’s Cheapest Oil

Canada Now Selling World’s Cheapest Oil, Report Says, As Forecasts Call For $20 Barrel With the world running a real risk of running out of places to store oil, a growing number of analysts are saying there is a good chance prices could fall to around US$20 a barrel. But it appears some Western Canadian […]

The World – A Pair Of Interesting Articles About The War On Terror…Or The Lack Of A War On Terror

The following articles are of head-shaking quality. First, the US Department of Homeland Security  actually has a policy in place that prevented Homeland Security agents from vetting visa applicants’ social accounts. Immigration officials prohibited from looking at visa applicants’ social media Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson decided against ending a secret U.S. policy that prohibits […]

Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Racists…Who Are They?

The Toronto Star posted a video that features Guardian Angels leader Ian Hodgkinson and Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs discussing the city’s racism problem.  (take the time to watch the video) What I find interesting is how the mayor spends a lot of time speaking about the senior levels of government getting off their asses […]