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Thunder Bay – Climate Change The LEAST Of Our Worries..

ELA research shows climate change impacting lake trout size Warming water from climate change is beginning to encroach on the habitat of Northwestern Ontario’s cold water fish. Research conducted at the Experimental Lakes Area shows the region’s temperature has warmed 0.4 C over each of the last five decades. Shorter winters are heating surface water […]

The World – US Economy Heading Into Recession? Probably Already there…

Here is a video that casts doubt on any statement by anyone that the US economy is growing…Its not… and the world is marching to World War 3…..which is how global  economic problems are always solved. The US is losing grip on its financial control of the world. They are not going to go away […]

The World – Vaccine Manufacturers Self Regulation

Interesting connection between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, vaccines, companies that manufacture vaccines and the art of making money.

Thunder Bay – Why Nipigon River Bridge Failed?

An interesting letter to the editor from a structural engineer who claims the bridge design is at fault and not the bolts… If the issue is in the design and not just a flaw in the bolts , then fixing it just got more expensive. Engineer explains why bridge failed There is a design flaw […]

The World – A Zika Virus Conspiracy Theory

About 18 months ago, , the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the release of GMO mosquitoes to be used as a weapon to fight Dengue Fever. This was done in the very same regions of South America where the Zika virus has suddenly appeared using a GMO version of the very same type of […]

Thunder Bay – A World Operating At The Speed Of Light

Local media’s challenge Media right across Canada are being forced to cut back as consumers turn to “free” sources of news and information. This newspaper is not immune and reductions in our news department were met with genuine concern and some criticism. While challenges remain we changed and found new ways to engage readers. We […]

The World – Negative Interest Rate Primer

Negative interest rates are sweeping  across the globe.  So far its only central banks that are diving into negative rates but, as I said in my post about a cashless society, its just a matter of time before you and I see something like that happening to our bank accounts.  (previous related posts here, and […]

Thunder Bay - Still Don't Know How To Remove Snow From Streets And Sidewalks?   WTF?

Thunder Bay – Still Don’t Know How To Remove Snow From Streets And Sidewalks? WTF?

  Adding new snow plowing services a $7.6 million venture for city: Report If the city wants to change the way it plows streets, it could cost as much as $7.6 million. A memo and an information only report are heading to council Monday night that will outline what happened to some city streets last […]

The World – Zika Virus Update..Don’t Panic!

PANIC!  FEAR!  The mainstream media is freaking out….. With the growing concern over the Zika Virus, it must be mentioned that the World Health Organization has yet to connect the mosquito borne virus with any brain defects in babies. Right now, warning pregnant women to avoid certain countries is strictly cautionary. It is wise to […]

Thunder Bay – Replacement Funding

The minions that scurry around the halls of City of Thunder Bay now must find $70 million in shovel-ready projects that can be presented to the federal and provincial governments  to be included in the 10 year,  $20 billion Infrastructure Plan. The mayor referenced Moncton New Brunswick as an example of replacement funding.  The Feds […]