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Thunder Bay – Wealth Redistribution At The Point Of A Gun

$2.2 million to plan art gallery’s move to waterfront All three levels of government collaborated on Thursday to ensure the Thunder Bay Art Gallery will have a smooth sail to its future location in Tugboat Basin on the waterfront. The federal, provincial and municipal governments equally committed a combined $2.2 million to fund schematic designs, […]

The World – Nobody Died In Orlando Shooting Until SWAT Teams Entered The Building

Something interesting about the Orlando mass shooting story…something that has not made its way out to all the mainstream media outlets…. FBI Transcript Shows Nobody Died in Orlando Shooting Until SWAT Teams Entered the Building: Judge Napolitano What should have been front page news everywhere, somehow got buried amid the official narrative we were given […]

Thunder Bay - What Are People Putting In The Garbage?

Thunder Bay – What Are People Putting In The Garbage?

What are people in Thunder Bay putting in the garbage? See anything that can be recycled in there? It does not matter. All this is going to the landfill.

Thunder Bay - Thunder Bay Art Gallery Continues To Move Under The Public Radar

Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Art Gallery Continues To Move Under The Public Radar

 Waterfront gallery moves forward Funding for the design phase of the project is to be announced this morning at Thunder Bay Art Gallery’s existing location at Confederation College. When the new gallery is open to the public, possibly three years from now, it will be double the size of the current gallery, gallery director Sharon […]

Thunder Bay - Say NO! To Backyard Chickens

Thunder Bay – Say NO! To Backyard Chickens

I can’t see any positives for me if my neighbours had chickens  in their backyards.  Not a one. Who wants to live next to a chicken farm?  You can do that by moving out into the rural parts of Ontario.  Taxes would be a lot less.  Go for it. Me, I pay a lot of […]

Thunder Bay - Update Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Update Tuesday

Update on the McVicar Creek rock protection failure.  The water level has dropped so things are a bit more clear. and for the Court Street hole…the City of Thunder Bay Magic Cone has been installed.

Thunder Bay – 100 Year Storm Does Not Happen Every 100 Years

The sewage control plant that failed four years ago performed the way it is supposed to on Sunday. Sewers can only accommodate so much rainfall and so-called 100-year storms – the ones that most infrastructure is not designed for – can and do overwhelm them. The problem now and in the future is that 100-year […]

Thunder Bay – Make The Corporations And Businesses Pay

From Tbnewswatch… Taxpayers to foot $1.75-million recycling bill in 2017 The 2017 municipal budget will include a $1.75-million bill to support the city’s entire recycling program and more waste costs could follow. City Council voted to accept its administration’s recommendation to move diversion revenues from the user-supported column to the tax-supported column on Monday. Where […]

Thunder Bay – Storm Sewers That Do Not Work In Storms

Storm sewer outlets were under water ….The most recent storm sewers installed on James and Williams and the one on Woodlawn dump the water into the floodway. Both of those outlets were totally under water. – Craig, Smyth, Chronicle Journal, Letters to Editor read full letter here   Yup…when the City of Thunder Bay is […]