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Thunder Bay – Bridge Failure Update

Here is more information regarding the Nipigon River bridge failure. Strong wind gust apparently played a major roll in the uplifting of the bridge deck. Someone working for BOT Construction has some ‘splainin to do. Next time someone insinuates that engineers are gods and their reports/recommendations shall never be challenged, remember this event. Although they […]

Thunder Bay – You’ve Gotta Be Kidding….

When I first read this article, I thought it was a joke.  Seriously… Newly constructed Nipigon River Bridge splits in cold The newly-constructed Nipigon River Bridge has split in the cold, cutting the only transportation link between Eastern and Western Canada. The Ontario Provincial Police closed Highway 11-17 indefinitely at the bridge around 3:05 p.m. Sunday when bolts […]

The World – Vaccines And Climate Change Won’t Matter If We’re All Dead

Instead of everyone focusing on the climate change argument…instead of Big Pharma rolling out dozens of vaccines to “protect” us from dozens of mostly harmless viruses such as measles and chicken pox…maybe, just maybe,  we need to focus our attention on drug-resistant bacteria.  Maybe we need Big Pharma to produce fewer vaccines and more antibiotics. […]

Thunder Bay – Where Do YOU Want To Spend $120 Million Of Your Tax Dollars? Tell Someone.

Well, we all know what project the City of Thunder Bay is going to ask the Federal and Provincial governments to fund. There is only one shovel-ready project in the city and I am sure that is not by accident. Are there other city facilities that need replacing? Sure. Even if you include the Fort […]

The World – The Price Of Carbon

This whole carbon tax/credit scheme is going to do nothing to stop or even slow the production of greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon tax/credit system is specifically designed to take money out of the pockets of the consumers/taxpayers and put that sweet sweet cash into the pockets of the very industries that are creating all […]

Thunder Bay - Mayor's Corner

Thunder Bay – Mayor’s Corner

Sunday night, Roger’s Hometown Hockey will be broadcast live from Thunder Bay. I look forward to Mayor’s Corner where our fearless leader will be informing the country about the cities hopes and dreams for the coming year.

Thunder Bay - Hometown Hockey Setup

Thunder Bay – Hometown Hockey Setup

Walked through the site this morning. Not much local stuff around.  Almost everything you see came in on the Rogers Trucks. Hopefully local food vendors will be allowed on the site.  Events such as this are supposed to benefit the entire city, not just the restaurant and bar that are located in the City of […]

Thunder Bay - Happy 2016

Thunder Bay – Happy 2016

Jonathon Pies Year in review…Warning…he swears.. a lot.