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Thunder Bay - What Does Prince Arthur's Landing Look Like From The Lake?

Thunder Bay – What Does Prince Arthur’s Landing Look Like From The Lake?

Every day, I walk down to the waterfront and see ships anchored on in the bay. Giant ships arriving from all over the world on a daily basis, anchored out there for several days at a time. When the crews on those ships look out at our $65 million plus premier tourist destination waterfront, what […]

Thunder Bay - Police Officer Who Left Handgun In Car Gets Absolute Discharge...SURPRISE!!!

Thunder Bay – Police Officer Who Left Handgun In Car Gets Absolute Discharge…SURPRISE!!!

Police officer who left handgun in car gets absolute discharge A Thunder Bay city police officer who had his firearm stolen from his vehicle last year has received an absolute discharge Thunder Bay Police Service Sgt. James Glena appeared in court last week where the discharge was ordered as part of the finding of guilt. […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

How are things going down on Water Street? You know, in the Chronicle Journal neighbourhood? Hmmm…still trashy Even across the street..on railway property Still on the Water Street Railway property..lots of paper trash visible from the Pearl Street crossing.  If I could legally walk down there, I am sure I would see much more. Lots […]

Thunder Bay – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

City cash sought to return ship; Museum group claims vessel is an investment The Lakehead Transportation Museum Society is climbing into the wheel house of the City of Thunder Bay on Monday, with a request for money to bring the Alexander Henry home to the city’s port. The vessel, which has been serving as a […]

Canada – What’s An Extra $700,000 When Its Not Your Money?

Status of Women spent $1.1 million to create new office for minister: documents Status of Women Minister Patty Hajdu approved a $1.1-million price tag to build a new suite of offices for herself and her staff earlier this year, even though she was told the cost might raise some eyebrows. Hajdu wanted her new office […]

The World – When Capitalism Fails, Then What?

How do perfectly profitable companies end up going bankrupt? Trying to make as much money for the shareholders as possible. Trying to make as much money for company executives as possible.  All at the expense of the employees who will lose their jobs. their pensions if they had one, their severance pay..they will lose everything. Sears […]

The World – Everything You See About Syria In/On The Corporate Media Is Fake News

The truth about what is happening in Syria. The truth about what is happening in Aleppo. Everything you are reading and watching in the mainstream media about the war in Syria is a lie.  Its fake news.  All of it. That is why, the editorial in Friday’s Chronicle Journal is a huge pile of bullshit. […]