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The World – Autism Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy?

Vitamin D is probably one of, most important vitamins for your health.  Pregnant or not. Does a Vitamin D deficiency during the mother’s pregnancy increase the child’s chances of being autistic?  Maybe. What I know for sure is becoming deficient in Vitamin D is bad…for everyone. During winter months when daylight is in short supply, […]

The World – Who Really Leaked the DNC/Podesta Emails To WikiLeaks?

With the mainstream media, the White House and the Democratic Party going nuclear blaming Russians, the Russian government and and Putin himself for the DNC/Podesta email “hack” which led to Clinton’s election loss WITHOUT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE!!!, I find it rather refreshing to see a more plausible explanation of how the emails got into […]

The World – Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder/Ovarian Cancer Update

I previously posted a video on the Johnson and Johnson Talcum Powder/Baby Powder strong link to ovarian cancer. Here is a video that provides more information on the topic. What you need to take away from this is that talcum powder can be deadly for women who use it. If you are a woman, avoid talcum […]

The World – Latest Keiser Report Episode

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Austin, Texas, Max and Stacy discuss the healthcare monster no one wants to tame and the Fukushima meltdown devouring trillions of yen. In the second half Max interviews Adam Curry about the hashtag fake news and the rise of alt-media as a competitive challenge to the mainstream […]

The World – Canadian Journalist Takes On Mainstream Media

Canadian independent journalist Eva Bartlett takes on the mainstream media’s coverage of the war in Syria. She does us Canadians proud. Too bad there is not a Canadian mainstream media outlet that follows her lead and actually broadcasts or prints the truth about what is going on in the Middle East and why its going […]

Thunder Bay – The Cost Of Signs Directing People To The Waterfront…How Much Can That Be?

Wayfinding to overhaul local signage City council has signed on to a five-year plan that will overhaul local signage to improve tourism. The Thunder Bay Wayfinding Plan calls for the construction of an entire system of signs to usher tourists to attractions through the city. It will replace and enhance five different sign templates built over four […]

The World – Why We Should Love Hydrocarbons

John Cadogan talks climate change and human’s addiction to hydrocarbons. Is it possible to totally eliminate our dependence on hydrocarbons for everything, and I mean everything, we have today ?  Everything from food, shelter, transportation,  medicine, entertainment, clothing,…everything. How is the carbon emission tax that we are going to pay on EVERYTHING we consume, use, […]