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The World – Trump Going After Global Corruption?

Donald Trump signed an Executive Order just before Christmas that has been lost in the holiday season celebrations. This is a very big deal. Just after the signing of the above order, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google resigned.  Has his resignation anything to do with Trump’s latest Executive Order?  He has strong ties to […]

Thunder Bay - Vancouver 2017 - Day 1

Thunder Bay – Vancouver 2017 – Day 1

Getting there. Lunch at Pearson Airport.  Falafel pita. The plane that will take me to Vancouver Totem pole at Vancouver Airport Day 1…Heading to the train station to go downtown and look around. Electric buses. We had these type of buses here in Thunder Bay and then got rid of them. Thunder Bay went 100% […]

The World – Berlin To Set Up Safe Zone For Women At New Year’s Eve Party

Germans now have to protect women against sexual assault on New Years Eve.   Yes, things have become that bad in Europe. Organizers of Germany’s biggest New Year’s Eve party at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate are setting up a special safety zone for women who have been assaulted or feel threatened. The move comes two years after […]

The World – The Truth About Why Electric Cars Can’t Save The Planet

John Cadogan explains why electric cars don’t matter, why the can’t save the planet. Electricity has to come from somewhere.  It has to be stored in something.  People keep ignoring those facts. Governments are looking at phasing out vehicles that use fossil based fuels over the next 15 years or so.  Turns out, doing that […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

I would think that a person would notice when they are missing a mitten, especially in this weather. Looks like work on the DSSAB apartment complex being built at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Streets is stopped over the holidays. Obligatory shopping cart photo Hmmm…this sign is supposed to be warning drivers of a […]

Thunder Bay – High Tech Camera System – Addendum

An addendum to yesterday’s post about the surveillance camera  system that the City of Thunder Bay is considering installing. I mentioned the “Eye on the Street” that was/is supposedly operating in the downtown cores.  I managed to find a sign.  Signs such as this one were placed around the north core and, I assume the […]

Thunder Bay – High Tech Camera System

High-tech camera system explored for waterway surveillance Surveillance of the city’s waterways and other identified high risk areas could include as many as 100 state-of-the-art cameras with advanced motion detection and other analytics software to alert when there’s suspected criminal or otherwise dangerous behaviour. Using cameras to monitor Thunder Bay’s river courses has been advocated […]

The World – Why Hire A Woman?

Why hire a woman? What’s the upside? In today’s sexual harassment/assault claim filled world, are the days of men and women working side by side in the workforce over? I am sure that companies, especially the smaller ones, are asking themselves those very questions. Why hire a woman?  What’s the upside for the company?