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Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Hockey gloves shown in previous post are still there. Not sure about the tennis racket though. Probably the last day of the ice Its hard to show the magical scene when the sun hits the ice. Another branch bit the dust Pole that needs replacing Amost hit by snow removal equipment No money for Northern […]

The World – John Cleese On Political Incorrectness

The problem is that if you are going to make jokes about people who are going to kill you, there is, sort of, a tendency to hold back a little. – John Cleese Has Political Correctness gone too far?  Has the liberal left become the real fascists today?  I believe so…and so do many people. […]

The World – There Are Terrorists And Then There Are Bankers

Financial terrorism. The US warmongering and the US dollar. Max and Stacy discuss these topics. Definitely worth a watch if you are interested. Especially the second half of the show why US President Trump’s suddenly shifted from peace-nick to warhawk in a matter of weeks. It also explains why the US is going toe to […]

Canada - We're Number 22.  Hurrah!

Canada – We’re Number 22. Hurrah!

Reporters Without Borders just came out with their 2017 press freedom index.  Canada was ranked 22nd in the world.  Pretty far down the list.  Why so low? Could it be that our media is corporate controlled? Yes, including the CBC. The old double deuce…. I guess things could be worse.  We could be living in […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

teabag looks like spray paint Someone is missing this yes, an obligatory ice-covered shopping cart photo The only downed tree that I saw..and its more of a bush Sad.. There is an inch, 2.5 cm, of ice on things You can see which direction the wind was blowing from. Some of the same photos as […]

Thunder Bay - Icy Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Icy Wednesday

The wind caused the tree to sway. That motion cracked the ice that coated the tree. This was on a vehicle

Thunder Bay - Will That Be Cash Or Charge?

Thunder Bay – Will That Be Cash Or Charge?

Now that our gallant Fire Department has gotten involved with a bloodsucking parasite of a company, I wonder how long it will be before we see TBFR taking credit cards, debit and even Bitcoin?  One thing for sure, they won’t be taking American Express.  Nobody takes American Express.