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Canada – Trudeau Asks Pope To Apologize For A Second Time…Once More With Meaning?

Sooo PM Justin Trudeau meets with the Pope and hilarity ensues Trudeau asks Pope to apologize for residential schools Canadians are anxious to reconcile with Indigenous Peoples, Justin Trudeau described telling Pope Francis on Monday as he asked the pontiff to apologize for the role the Catholic Church played in the tragedy of residential schools. […]

The World – Painting Sold For $110.5 Million

Yup…that is $148, 837,000 Canadian.  I am surprised that the City of Thunder Bay did not purchase the painting to put down on the waterfront as public art. $110 Million Basquiat Sold by Family Who Bought It for $19,000 Jean-Michel Basquiat’s painting of a skull sold for $110.5 million at Sotheby’s in New York, setting an […]

Thunder Bay – Can Or Will?

Delta Hotel takes shape Stolz (Desmond Stolz, manager of building division with the City of Thunder Bay), said the contractor has a permit already for the structural steel, and that could be started anytime. “We expect that to be started soon as well,” he added. The full permit has recently been applied for which means […]

The World – Kung Fu Master Uses His Penis To Pull Helicopter

First there was Iron Crotch….Now there is..well whatever kind of crotch this guy has… Kung Fu master uses his penis to pull enormous HELICOPTER in latest bizarre world record A kung fu master who dragged seven cars with his penis has become a new world record holder – by towing a helicopter even further with […]

The World – Gambling With An Infinite Amount Of Cash

Swiss National Bank’s U.S. Stock Holdings Hit A Record $63.4 Billion Being able to print your own money and buy stocks at any price sure can be fun. Just as the SNB which unlike many other (if ever fewer) central banks admits to doing just that. In its latest 13F filing, the Swiss National Bank […]

Thunder Bay – Destroying The Environment Is Money

Council supports proposed Energy East pipeline City council is adding its voice of support to the controversial Energy East project, settling a nearly two-year debate over the city’s official position on the divisive proposed pipeline conversion. After three hours of debate Monday night council voted in favour of a motion calling on the National Energy […]

Thunder Bay – City Commercial Drivers Safety Rating Downgraded

City commercial drivers have safety rating downgrade The safety record of commercial drivers working for the city of Thunder Bay has caught the attention of the Ministry of Transportation. “The city of Thunder Bay has performed not so well with respect to collisions and highway traffic act infractions over the last year and a half,” […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Rainy day today…. Great Blue Heron I saw this guy/gal several times but he/she was always too quick and flew away before I could get a got photo.  This time he/she did not fly very far. Something wrong here. This seems to be getting worse.  Undermining taking place?  Where is the water going? Mallard duck. […]

The World – The Failure Of Capitalism

Capitalism has failed. Well at least the version of capitalism we have today has failed.  It is only being kept alive by governments funnelling hundreds of  billions of those sweet, sweet taxpayer dollars into the private sector.  Sooo, profits are capitalism, loses are socialism. An economy that is only based on consuming without a manufacturing […]