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Thunder Bay - The High Street Wall Update

Thunder Bay – The High Street Wall Update

The wall so far… previous related posts here

Thunder Bay – Lynn Beyak Is Ignorant But Ignorance Is Not Illegal

“None of us are leaving, so let’s stop the guilt and blame and find a way to live together and share. Trade your status card for a Canadian citizenship, with a fair and negotiated payout to each Indigenous man, woman and child in Canada, to settle all the outstanding land claims and treaties, and move […]

Thunder Bay – Painted Into An Ethical Corner

City Hall, Bill Mauro clarify funding for heart surgery Provincial funding is not dependent on a city donation In response to a question from a councillor at the council meeting on Monday, Norm Gale had initially indicated that provincial funding for the new program is contingent on City of Thunder Bay funding. On Wednesday, in […]

Canada – Trudeau, Tax Reform And Doctor Bob

Why are Trudeau’s MPs giving him grief over tax reform? It’s because of Dr. Bob In a small town in rural Atlantic Canada there is a doctor there – let’s call him Dr. Bob – who everyone in this town of several hundred people thinks is a swell guy. They look up to Dr. Bob. […]

The World – Sologamy…. Yes, This Is A Thing

SOLOGAMY: The Saddest Trend You’ve Ever Heard Of Apparently, people are now marrying themselves. Well, more specifically, sad, bitter feminists with a millennial-like flare for narcissism are marrying themselves after sticking it to The Patriarchy by choosing to put their careers ahead of their personal lives. In the new, sad trend called “sologamy,” women are […]

Thunder Bay – Art Versus Heart

Hospital Foundation asks city for $1.5M for cardiac surgery City council is considering a $1.5 million request from the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation to help implement heart surgery at the regional hospital. Under provincial guidelines, the community would required to put up 10 per cent of the construction costs and 100 per cent […]