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Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Winter sidewalk cyclist. The waterfront sign.  I wonder what else is going on that sign? No French but maybe the City of Thunder Bay?  I am sure it is spending money on Phase 2. The Feds?  Are they kicking in some money? Pedestrian overpass.  LCBO bag. Normally this corner is reserved for urination. Loterer trash […]

Thunder Bay - Waterfront Media Event - The Money

Thunder Bay – Waterfront Media Event – The Money

Watch video here Event starts at 1:04:00 on video Lots of electioneering. A big lovefest.  Lots of backslapping and many high fives all around. The funding announcements are as follows: $5 million for the Waterfront Art Gallery ($20 million short of required funding) $1 million for Phase 2 Prince Arthur’s Landing and Art Gallery site […]

Thunder Bay – Rumour Has It – Waterfront Announcement – Wynne Is In Town.

Big announcement at pool 6 today? at noon. Live streamed. Wynn and both MPP’s.  Will this be one of those giant media/photo op events where our elected corporate whores will be be all smiles while giving us back a big pile of our own cash?  Of course. Will we be grateful?  Of course.  Our provincial government loves us. […]

The World – Joe Rogan Talks With Jordan Peterson

Some clips from Joe Rogan’s Jordan Peterson interview.  Jordan Peterson is in the news right now.  Love him or hate him, Peterson makes some strong points on many topics that are in the forefront of human politics today. Full video below…its over 2 hours long though…

Thunder Bay - A World Created By Bureaucrats

Thunder Bay – A World Created By Bureaucrats

Thunder Bay health unit says 1st year public food safety scores a success Public health officials in Thunder Bay, Ont., say they’re pleasantly surprised by the letter grades they’ve been assigning to restaurants and other food-serving businesses for cleanliness and food safety in the city over the past 12 months. The Thunder Bay District Health […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

If you leave cans of beer outside in January,  things can go very bad. Winter colour in Thunder Bay Sometimes I wonder why I bother putting all my litter into the trash when you see stuff like this.  Construction trash leaving the site and migrating out onto sidewalks and streets.  Eventually, it will make its […]

Thunder Bay – Stormwater Management Funding? Implement A Tax On Gasoline Or A Tax On Vehicles. Its Streets, Driveways And Parking Lots That Are Creating Almost All Of The Runoff

City survey seeks residents’ thoughts on stormwater management financing In 2016, City Council adopted the Stormwater Management Plan, outlining stormwater management goals and objectives for the next 20 years. Now, a Stormwater Financing Study is underway to investigate a sustainable and fair funding source to support the City’s current stormwater program and the implementation of […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Obligatory shopping cart photos Winter colour in Thunder Bay Not your usual empty beer can or bottle.  Leffe Brewery Blond Not much happening at Studio One this morning.  I will check on the way back later this afternoon. Just when you thought you have seen everything, the drivers in Thunder Bay manage to surprise you.  […]

Ontario – Toronto Streetcars Being Replaced By Buses Because Of Shortage Of Working Cars

Dundas and Carlton streetcars being replaced with buses until 2019 For those familiar with the 505 Dundas and 506 Carlton streetcar routes, you may be used to seeing buses along those lines these days. Since the harsh winter storms stuck Toronto earlier in January, the streetcar fleet was replaced with buses. At the time, TTC […]