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Thunder Bay – Exactly What you Want In the Heart Of Your Entertainment District: A Self Storage Facility

Looming sale of Eaton’s building forces out arts group The potential sale of the Eaton’s building is forcing arts groups that have called the site home for two decades to relocate. The building, which had been the former home of the Eaton’s department store in Thunder Bay before it closed in the 1990s, is rumoured […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

One of the coldest days so far. Hard to take photos in this weather. Interesting.  Frost image of the hand that was inside the glove? Making sure the sidewalk plow does not hit this telephone box These things plus the bump-out that they are located on, just make snow removal more difficult. Put them up […]

The World – CNN Goes “Undercover” To Manufacture Consent For Coup Attempt In Venezuela

CNN GOES ‘UNDERCOVER’ TO MANUFACTURE CONSENT FOR COUP ATTEMPT IN VENEZUELA KEVIN GOSZTOLA, For the four-minute report, CNN correspondent Nick Paton Walsh went “undercover” amidst what the network described as the “deepening crisis in Venezuela” in order “to capture the desperation gripping the nation.” The segment highlighted hyperinflation at grocery chains, Venezuelans lined up in queues for […]

Canada – Ottawa Setting Up New Team To Warn Canadians Of Potential Election Interference While Busy Interfering In Venezuelan Politics.

Ottawa setting up new team to warn Canadians of potential election interference The Canadian government is setting up an internal team to sound the alarm if it sees evidence the October federal election is being undermined. Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould made multiple announcements Wednesday regarding potential threats to Canada’s democratic process. She spoke alongside […]

The World – Deep Fakes

Now seeing is no longer believing. Jennifer Buscemi is the deepfake that should seriously frighten you The quality of deepfakes are based on several factors but rely heavily on practice, time, and the source material they are derived from. Initially, deepfakes were more shocking than convincing, but readily available programs and tutorials continue to lower the […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Not sure why this is laying here.  Copper and brass. Another public bench bites the dust due to the snow clearing operation. Not sure what is going on here. Not first time I have seen police here. Almost free. Wind blowing snow Blew these needles right off the tree. Looks like one of those painted […]

The World – Election Interference Is OK If Uncle Sam Does It

Oooo the irony!  Funny that none of this is mentioned on the mainstream media. Coincidence?   Propaganda only works if the government controls what the media says.  What you see in the news when it comes to Russia, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Iraq, the Ukraine, Yemen and Cuba is propaganda.  Make no mistake about it, you are […]

The World – US Sanctions Are Killing Venezuelans.

US sanctions are killing Venezuelans so the US adds more sanctions.  Its economic warfare and a crime against humanity but who cares?  Its the US who are the good guys?  that are doing this soo it must be OK. The sanctions are illegal under international law because they have not been endorsed by the UN […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

These Algoma Street benches should be removed prior to the first snowfall.  The same with the giant planters located in the area.  Makes snow removal sooo much easier.  It would also stop these things from getting damaged by snow removal equipment.  Now we have to buy a new bench. Still high snowbanks on the other […]

Thunder Bay – Convicted Killer Arrested After Alleged Bus Driver Assault

Convicted killer arrested after alleged bus driver assault A 31-year-old man, who had previously been sentenced to five years in prison for a 2014 homicide, has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a city bus driver. Earl Felton Sakanee was arrested Monday night after a brief chase that ensued when an officer saw the incident taking […]