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The World – What’s In The 9/11 Papers?

show notes can be found here If United Airlines Flight 93 did not crash but was shot down by the US military, a conspiracy theory which these documents seem to confirm, then what other “facts” about the events of that day are also lies?  My guess, all of them. Pulse Change Youtube Channel

The World – The Re-Definition Of Racism

Racism is prejudice plus power.  THAT is how racism is now being defined.  This new definition allows minorities to make disparaging remarks about white people without having to face any repercussions. Sooo, if you come across some graffiti that says something like “Kill All White People”, that graffiti is not considered racist.  Just so you […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Large snowfall overnight. An abbreviated waterfront tour today as none of the trails were cleared of snow.. Mentioned this before.  Sidewalk plow clears sidewalk of snow, grader then throws snow from street back onto sidewalk.  Water Street has four lanes.  That means two lanes worth of snow gets pushed onto a very narrow boulevard.  PLUS […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

All of yesterday’s sidewalk slush is now sidewalk ice.  Not the greatest situation for pedestrians.  I walk on the street whenever possible.  Streets are ice free. Did not get an opportunity to properly frame up the following rail car graffiti photos because the train was moving rather quickly. The loiterers are there early on a […]

Thunder Bay – Giant Market Made Primarily Of Shipping Containers Set To Open In Toronto

Giant market made primarily of shipping containers set to open in Toronto A 2.6-acre plot of city-owned land that has been vacant for years is being transformed into a vibrant marketplace with restaurants, bars and shops, all of which will be built entirely from shipping containers. If all goes according to plan, the complex at 28 Bathurst Street will […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Thought that this car had a lot of graffiti on it but it turned out to be an old rail car. Slowly working my way around the Pool 6 property.  Lots of snow there now. Still enjoy those peanuts   Looks like these ships are spending the winter at Keefer Terminal.  From left to right, […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Looks full. Still not cleared of snow.  Is the City of Thunder Bay is out of money. Its the city’s Modus Operandi….spend millions building something and then not maintaining it. This parking lot, the one that is, according to the sign , closed to the public, is also not cleared of snow. CCGS Samuel Risley […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Overcast, snow flurries and freezing rain. Lasted eight years.  Now we will see how long before a replacement turns up. I wonder if the City of Thunder Bay used Superglue to reattach the piece of the traffic island that was damaged recently?  Had the sign warning vehicles of the island’s presence been reinstalled sometime in […]

Thunder Bay - Townsend's Solitaire

Thunder Bay – Townsend’s Solitaire

Local birders have been hunting this bird for a while. Its normally found out west in the mountains. Not the best lighting today.  I stumbled across it by accident. This bird was hanging around with a pair of robins.  Yes, robins are here year round now.  I missed the robins.

Thunder Bay - Toronto Christmas 2018

Thunder Bay – Toronto Christmas 2018

Tried to take photos of things I have not photographed before. Unfortunately, sometimes I just can’t help myself. People living on the street.  Mostly in areas frequented by tourists.   In case you forgot what one of these looks like. Christmas Day. Gathering with gifts for the people living on the street. They fanned out. […]