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The World – A Bad Week On Earth

For the few of you that understand that climate change is real. That its a natural event that has happened many times before. That it will continue on no matter how much money governments spend. It looks like some ‘experts’ are starting to believe also. Earth’s magnetic poles are reversing.  Then there is the upcoming […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

One of the benefits of short days, long nights and cold temperatures is that the sun rises later.  You can get recent photos without having to get out of bed at 5am.   Another blocked sidewalk. An interesting sky this morning. Sooo I took a lot of photos of it.   Why I no longer […]

The World – Hundreds Of NYC Subway Cars Being Pulled From Service Due To Malfunctioning Doors

Hundreds Of NYC Subway Doors Are Being Pulled From Service Due To Malfunctions As many New Yorkers already know, nothing exemplifies government efficiency better than Manhattan’s Metro Transportation Authority. Complaining about it is part of what being a New York resident is all about – just ask the Wall Street Journal’s Charley Grant, who takes to […]