Thunder Bay – $252 million? Why Should I Be Impressed?

Incumbent Keith Hobbs credits the current term of council for paving the way to revitalizing infrastructure, spending $252 million over four years for improvements. – Tbnewswatch, September 27, 2014

What Miss Thunder Bay does not realize is that all that money is coming out of her own purses.

I would like a little more detail on this spending spree that the present council as gone on.  I think it would help voters immensely if mayor Hobbs told us precisely what this money was spent on, where did this money come from (property taxes, Ontario, Canada, debt etc) and did the taxpayer get value for that money spent?

Does that number include damage caused to the Sewage Treatment plant in May 2012? The new $1.6 million fire truck? The new police cars?  The DSSAB building? The new Superior North EMS building? You know…stuff like that. Its called “context”. Where did the money come from and did the taxpayer get value for money? Did they need the fucking thing they bought?

Hobbs and Co. needs to put that $252 million figure in context for the great unwashed. Put a face on the projects those tax dollars were allocated. So we know just what the fuck he is talking about.

There was a lot of spending all right. Apparently $252 million worth of spending. It does not take a lot of intelligence to spend big piles of cash.  I could do it blindfolded. Simply running around bragging about spending more than double what previous council spent says nothing. Nothing!

What was the money spent on…that is what I want to know. Then maybe we can determine if it was value for money spent. Then maybe we can determine if the spending was worth bragging about.


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