Thunder Bay – Sudbury Allows Online Voting…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

For the first time, voters in Sudbury can cast a ballot online or at a mobile poll inside a modified transit bus. City clerk Caroline Hallsworth says the goal is to get to voters who may need convincing. Hallsworth said the idea is to make it easy for those who are not regular voters. “If it’s easier to vote, someone who’s teeter-tottering on should I or shouldn’t I, might just vote,” she said.
Turnout in the last election in Sudbury was 49 per cent.

This way, voters don’t even have to get out of bed…Voting can be sooooo inconvenient. You know, having to go to one of several locations around the city, during a 12 hour period and fill in some circles with a pencil. Life can be hard,  The future of Canada…



Maybe it will be 200% of eligible voters and the highest vote getting mayoralty candidate might be Russian or Chinese?

CBC My Region - Ontario cities use creative ways to increase voter turnout-1
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