Thunder Bay – Frozen Pedestrian Blood. A Driving Hazard For Local Motorists?

Snow, freezing rain and falling temperatures combine for treacherous roads

A transport truck crashes and ended up in Strawberry Creek off Highway 102 Saturday afternoon.
Matt Vis,

A transport truck crashes and ended up in Strawberry Creek off Highway 102 Saturday afternoon

By Matt Vis,

THUNDER BAY — Motorists are being advised to drive with caution as slippery roads are expected to only get worse as temperatures drop.

The city of Thunder Bay had been under a special weather statement from Environment Canada for much of Saturday, with the national weather service forecasting a winter storm heading for Northwestern Ontario.

Mild temperatures throughout much of the early afternoon resulted in freezing rain and ice pellets, with colder temperatures and between five to 10 centimetres of snow expected starting in the evening and continuing into Sunday.

That mix of precipitation is causing treacherous road conditions throughout most of the region.

It resulted in at least one transport ending up in a collision, when the vehicle left Highway 102 and tumbled down the side of the road before ending up in Strawberry Creek.

Conditions were also adverse on  the north shore where the OPP reported multiple vehicles getting stuck on Jackfish Hill east of Terrace Bay.

Thunder Bay Police Service officials said they responded to multiple collisions in the morning but that the afternoon had been relatively quiet.

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….combine for treacherous rods….Sidewalks?  Who really cares?  Not the local media, that’s for fucking sure. ( here, here, here …well you get the idea.

Over the past week, freezing rain has created skating rink conditions on streets AND sidewalks with hundreds of city pedestrians falling injuring themselves.  Many seriously.

Speaking with many people, I have yet to find anyone who has not fallen, almost fallen or seen someone else fall while walking on on glare ice. Ice in parking lots or public sidewalks. THBHSC had a large number of people go to emergency with injuries. Yet not one word mentioned in the local media. Only cars.  Its all about cars in Thunder Bay.  Pedestrians are invisible.  Don’t exist.  Pedestrians just get in the way of cars.

I always thought that the newsroom’s mantra was  “If it bleeds, it leads”. I guess that does not apply to the blood of pedestrians.

If a pedestrian falls and bleeds while crossing an icy street, the local media would warn drivers about the frozen blood hazard. Drive carefully.


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