Thunder Bay – Great Idea…Wrong City

Councillor wants to look at closing a portion of Red River Road to traffic

A city councillor wants a report on the possibility of shutting down a major downtown street to increase business activity and get people out of their cars on the city’s north side.

Coun. Trevor Giertuga will ask for a report on Monday night to have administration investigate the feasibility and cost of shutting down Red River Road between St. Paul and Court streets. Other options could include a seasonal closure or reducing the street to one-way traffic. Giertuga has been approached many times over the years with idea.

“With all of the new businesses that have come in the area, I think it’s time we investigated it at least,” he said.

“Other communities do it. We’re not the first ones to invent this.” – Tbnewswatch

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I hope Mr. Giertuga understand what type of people he is talking about here in Thunder Bay.  Thunder Bay residents will not get out of their cars to buy a cup of coffee. They will sit in their cars for 15 or 20 minutes in their car waiting to be able to DRIVE up to a window and be handed a cup of coffee.  In reality, they could park their car, walk INTO the shop, buy the coffee, walk back out, get into their car , drive away….. AND THEY CAN DO THIS  IN HALF THE TIME it would take them to use the drive-thru!

This would work in a city where lots of people use public transportation.  All kinds of people using public transportation.  Rich and poor alike. In this city, public transportation is used almost exclusively by low income residents.

It sounds like a great idea but it will not work in Thunder Bay.  People here are too lazy.  Walking is not something people want to do..unless they can drive to the place they want to walk.

Then Res River Road is a major thoroughfare and closing that is sure to be the kiss of death for the downtown core.  Think Victoriaville without the roof and heat…

Remember that Victoriville Mall closed Victoria Avenue, a major thoroughfare in Fort William (south core).  That did not work out so well…so, maybe City Hall should think really hard about this before they spends tens of thousands of our tax dollars hiring a consultant.  A consultant that will return with a report that says exactly what City Admin wants it to say anyway.  Yes, consultants are whores…highly paid whores.

Of course, the City of Thunder Bay is building a few new parking lots down there….millions of dollars…I am sure they want to justify that expense somehow….hmmmm.

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