Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

click on any image to enlarge Fire at Franks Laundromat Paving equipment was running. Just waiting for the temp to warm up. Road extension work moves ahead full Dumping continues at the Pool 6 site. The future site of a BMX/Skatepark?  That is my understanding. That will mean that PAL will have two BMX/Skateparks.  How […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Sigh… Paving equipment has returned to Court Street.  Looks like there may be some paving action tomorrow. Need to sweep the leaves off of the existing asphalt surface. A leaning hydrant.  I wonder if this can be marketed as a tourist attraction.  A leaning tower has done wonders for Pisa’s tourism. Poo bag Noticed this […]

Canada – Liberal Government Writes Off $1.1 Billion US Loan To Chrysler Plus Interest

Remember this story as you fill out your income tax form next year or when you pay that HST on every item you buy. Might be nice if “Not-My-Prime Minster” Trudeau would explain this act of charity to a company that made a reported net profit of $4.3 Billion (US) in 2017. My guess is that […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

click on any image to enlarge Saturday.. Parked too close to the intersection and crosswalk Parked too close to intersection and crosswalk   Tried to limit the number of Bald Eagle photos to less than 70. Paving a driveway in the cold weather MV Federal Schelde MV Lubie Centreline stakes and shoulder stakes.    The […]

Thunder Bay – Angus Still Pushing For Event Centre…Also Loves Beating Dead Dead Horses.

Council concerns Mr. Angus has preposterously restated yet again his commitment to the event centre. Incumbent councilors had to know last election, when they ran on their event centre, that it had no chance of senior government funding. A review of the rules of the infrastructure programs in question and public statements from 2011 onward […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

click on any image to enlarge Becoming a daily occurrence…at least Monday to Friday.   Anytime the police want to ticket the vehicle, its there. No paving on Court Street today.  Another nice day wasted.  They will be paving in snow pretty soon. Sidewalk concrete going in on boat launch parking lot. I would think that […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

There are still a few flowers blooming in town. Those few late bloomers got to enjoy a very nice day today. These are fake leaves but still colourful. This is how you avoid putting money in the parking meter. Bubble wrap Hard to believe that there was no paving taking place on Court Street today.  […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

click on any image to enlarge New DSSAB apartment building built at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Street looks like its still empty or mostly empty. Court Street paving…tomorrow its going to be warm.  Good time to pave?  It would be nice to get this section of Court Street open before it snows. Another […]

The World – Pay Up Or The Earth Gets It! – Watch This Video

James explains the problems with the latest IPCC report on climate change.  Yes, there are many. You should watch this video.  The whole thing is political.  Its all about putting a price on carbon.  Money…there is money to be made from monetizing carbon. All that money is coming out of YOUR pockets and going into […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

That blue at the top of the photo is sky.  Yes, the sky is blue…when its not covered by clouds. Anyway, work at the south end of Marina Park has stalled.  Nothing happening here for a couple of weeks now. Erecting some trees…Yup….that is what they are doing. Hopefully, eagles will build a nest on […]