The World – Criminal Psychopaths Run The Government

Are we being governed by criminal psychopaths?  The mainstream news keeps chasing Russian ghosts but ignores pedophiles.  Funny…It is almost like these sick government officials are being protected. Its happened in the UK and is happening in the US.  Is it happening in Canada as well? show notes here show notes here show notes here

The World – Is Sweden A Failed State?

I believe that things in many European countries is much worse than we are being told. Economic migrants, not refugees, are pouring into countries like France, Germany and Sweden. Many want to get into the UK but are being held up in France.  The vast majority of economic migrants are young single men and come […]

The World – Operation Gladio And Central Asia

Operation Gladio, Gladio B, Central Asia, Oil and Natural Gas,  Pipelines, ISIS,  Taliban,  Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Kenya…what do all these things have in common?  The CIA and money.  Lots and lots of money. Paul L. Willliams and Sean Stone discuss the CIA operation Gladio.  Started after World War 2, Gladio is […]

Thunder Bay – Murder Capital, Hate Capital, And Now…..Corruption Capital?

Yup, Thunder Bay is racing toward Shitholeville status. Notice these charges were laid on a Friday.  Friday is when governments release bad news stories because fewer people are paying attention.  Government offices are closed over the weekend.  Nobody around to interview.  Come Monday, this story will be almost three days old. Thunder Bay Mayor Keith […]

Thunder Bay - Traffic Chaos In The City Of Thunder Bay's $65 Million Plus Premier Tourist Destination

Thunder Bay – Traffic Chaos In The City Of Thunder Bay’s $65 Million Plus Premier Tourist Destination

Chaos on the street that borders the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel’s construction site. The time I was there was 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm…a busy time in the park on a warm sunny Thursday. First of all, two long trucks parked on the street blocking the northbound lane. This […]

The World – Monthly Climate Chart

Monthly climate charts. Its produced every month..but there are two charts. Each chart tells a different story about global temperatures for the past month.  Which one is right? Video source here

Thunder Bay - Tuesday And Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday And Wednesday

Tuesday Construction continues on the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel.  Not overly scenic…but who cares about that.  Its all about the money. George Jeffrey Children Centre held an event Another vehicle parked in a no parking zone in Marina Park only metres from a parking lot.Putting up lights?  Imagine if instead […]

Canada – The Trouble With Trudeau

Now that Trudeaumania 2016 is dying down, it might be time to have a look at just what our Fearless Leader is all about. Where he came from. What he promised during the election. What he has delivered so far. Election reform…biggest election promise that turned out to be a lie ever made by a […]

Canada – Toronto’s 110 Year Old Carousel Sold For $3 Million

Sooo….The carousel in Chippewa Park is worth….? Toronto’s 110-year old carousel on Centre Island sold for $3 million Owner of the cash-strapped amusement park says residents and visitors have until November 2017 to ride the Toronto attraction one last time. “It’s a part of history leaving Toronto, and a part of Toronto history coming here,” […]

Thunder Bay - Go Ahead....Eat As Much Dust As You Want.... They'll Make More.... Lots More.

Thunder Bay – Go Ahead….Eat As Much Dust As You Want…. They’ll Make More…. Lots More.

Dry conditions on the Court Street construction site means dust. Lots and lots of dust. Now, you would think that, because this work is happening in a residential area, our high salaried residents of City Hall would care about just how much dust that the residents living in that area have to eat, how much […]