Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

MV Federal Margaree CCGS Alexander Henry is still not open to visitors Daisy More foam insulation in our harbour. This time, its the Living Shoreline. This stuff comes from the Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel construction site. Young Starling A Monarch Butterfly!  I was never able to get very close. I just pointed my camera […]

Thunder Bay - Pelican Flyover

Thunder Bay – Pelican Flyover

click on any image to enlarge Noticed me

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

You can tell how tall people are by the height of the graffiti on rail cars More asphalt cracking in the new parking lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park No alcohol allowed around the splash pad?  People need to be told that?  In Thunder Bay, yes. Hmmm….looks like cardboard in that trash […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Another Thunder Bay hero riding her bicycle on the street where bicycles belong. Parent talking with a teenager? I’ve been there… MV Tecumseh Another ship far off coming this way The MV Ojibway Thunder Bay leaves trash where it goes.. Female Red-winged Balckbirds Mallards Mushrooms… Eggs not hatched yet? Hmmm…an empty green bottle in Marina […]

Thunder Bay - Pride Parade 2018

Thunder Bay – Pride Parade 2018

Just took a bunch of photos of the parade Waiting for a train to pass

Thunder Bay - Trolley Hunters

Thunder Bay – Trolley Hunters

Noticed this Toronto Star article on a Banksy print that was stolen in Toronto. How the print was stolen is one of interesting parts of the story.  The other is the print itself, people hunting shopping carts! Banksy print ‘Trolley Hunters’ stolen from Toronto exhibition How did Toronto’s Banksy thief get away? A mystery grows […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

The traffic median ahead sign that has been missing for well over half a year has still not been replaced. Now the Magic Cone that was marking the sign location is also gone.  There is nothing marking the end of the traffic median at all.   Why not?  Are traffic signs not important?  Is it not […]

Thunder Bay - Festival Area Stage

Thunder Bay – Festival Area Stage

Hopefully this is not all there is.  I can’t image this being the stage for Bluefest. Looks like a pontoon boat.

Thunder Bay - Bald Eagle

Thunder Bay – Bald Eagle

You know, when I step out of my house, I have no idea what photos I will come home with. A few times a year, the stars align and you get one photo that makes it all worthwhile. With a clear blue sky as background to boot. Click on any image to enlarge. If it […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

White lilacs?  How can there be white lilacs? Bunch of Tiger Swallowtail photos Caught this dragonfly in flight. Lucky shot. Windy day out in the harbour The MV Algoma Strongfield looks like its all ready to go The ship is headed out Ever notice how long it takes the City of Thunder Bay to fix […]