Thunder Bay

Canada – Trump Slams ‘Two-Faced Trudeau After Hot-Mic Video Slip

Trump Slams “Two-Faced” Trudeau After Hot-Mic Video Slip President Trump isn’t one to let criticism go unanswered, and in keeping with tradition, the president called Trudeau “two-faced” Wednesday during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in response to the hot mic video where Trudeau was seen bad-mouthing Trump to Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macrom. […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Reusable shopping bag.  When they are laying on the ground, they are simply trash. Climate Strike posters still up. Responsible citizens/organizations/businesses would remove them after the event took place. Eagle being harassed by a crow. MV Federal Leda MV Federal Cedar MV Fearless Tundra Swan still hanging around eating. Reusable shopping bag. Another possible Christmas […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Climate Strikers…..why not remove your posters? Tundra swan still eating. MV Fearless MV Federal Cedar MV Wigeon Looks like a toothbrush MV Maria Desgagnes MV Irma Not sure what this is Looks like someone’s camp site. Ahhh….Kelly’s famous rotgut wine.  Two empty tetrapacks. The empties are worth 40 cents each. McVicar Creek  

Thunder Bay - Sunday - December 1!!!!

Thunder Bay – Sunday – December 1!!!!

Possible Christmas card? Some steam out there Not sure what it is MV Maria Desgagnes and MV Wigeon, Its hard to get good ice photos as maneuvering around the water’s edge is dangerous.  Everything is covered with ice PLUS there is open water. To get the best photos, you need a boat or canoe. Tundra […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Ice beer seems to be appropriate today. Beer can looks European but its brewed in Lethbridge Alberta. A real cork cork.  Normally I see screw on caps on the street. Tundra swan still hanging around Trash in context What washes up on shore.  Lots of plastic. MV Algoma Conveyor MV Irma MV Wigeon MV Wigeon […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

See any recyclable material in that pile?  Does not matter as it all will be going to the landfill site.  City of Thunder Bay workers will be loading all of this into a garbage truck.  Makes me wonder why I bother recycling anything myself.   MV Irma MV Wigeon Bald eagle.  It was pretty far […]

Thunder Bay – Homicides Prominent In Statscan Report

Ontario, Toronto and Thunder Bay homicides prominent in StatsCan report Ontario recorded its highest-ever number of homicides last year. An updated Statistics Canada report demonstrates how homicide in Toronto and Thunder Bay contributed to the record. As Tbnewswatch reported in July, the Thunder Bay area’s 2018  homicide rate–6.38 per 100,000, based on eight deaths–was the highest among the country’s 36 […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Does Thunder Bay have a drinking problem?  Nope. No problem drinking at all. Why I no longer walk through the pedestrian overpass. On the left, the person is taking a drink out of a tetrapack of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine. Big swig. Far left, another person holding out a tetrapack of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine.  […]

Thunder Bay – City’s 50 Year Legacy

City’s 50 Year Legacy Violence and addiction, twin demons that lurk unrestrained in the streets of Thunder Bay, crush this community and leave our national reputation in tatters. As we celebrate 50 years of the shot gun wedding of the former cities of Fort William and Port Arthur, it is time to sit down, take […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Really miserable day today.  Lots of photos of things on the ground.  That’s where my eyes were glued to make sure I did not slip on the ice.  Also, to keep the wind out of my face. Yesterday, there was a beaver swimming around in the open water. Tundra swan still hanging around. At the […]