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The World -The Future Of e-World

The end of privacy because….convenience.  People will give up everything because of convenience. We are being trained to do that now. Neom project, Estonia and DNA The future looks scary.  Not a world I want to live in. Luckily I won’t have to.  By time this all becomes mandatory here in Canada, I”ll be dead. […]

The World – Something Unprecedented Is Going On In The World Right Now

The G7, NATO Defence Ministers and Bilderberg all meet on the same day. Russia, China, Iran and their friends are also meeting during the Bilderberg conference. Hmmm…is something up?  Is the world preparing for war? Remember, this is the information that we are being allowed to see.  Bilderberg, NATO and the G7 do not publicize […]

The World – Meet Paul Ehrich

Population explosion along with the failed warning  of Peak Oil makes you wonder just how much scientists really know about anything or what/who exactly is behind these doomsday forecasts.  Then there is the global warming fiasco.  Notice how the term global warming has been replaced with the term climate change?  Why is that?

The World – Denmark Approves Burka Ban

Denmark Approves Burka Ban Denmark becomes the sixth European country to enact such a ban, after France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Austria. “The face is your passport. When you refuse me to see you, I am a victim.” — Jacques Myard, a former conservative MP who supported the ban in France. “[S]ome people do […]

The World – The Tragic Record Of American Regime Change

Yet, the U.S. continues to overthrow duly elected governments.  Deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.  Millions become homeless. All for nothing, unless chaos is exactly what the U.S. and its Military Industrial Complex wants.   There is money to be made in global chaos. The Tragic Record of American Regime Change Maj. Danny Sjursen, […]

The World – Get Rid Of Alexa

Amazon has contracts with the CIA.  Just so you know… show notes here

The World – A Little Known, Rare And Extremely Deadly Virus Has Emerged And Killed People In India

Something else to worry about. Nipah Virus. Never heard of it? Well, all that is about to change. Expect to hear about this virus a lot in the future. Move over Ebola, there is a new kid in town….and this kid is dangerous A little-known, rare, and extremely deadly virus has emerged and killed people […]

The World – UK Descent Into Police State

Agree with his views or not, the arrest of Tommy Robinson and the banning of reporting on that arrest is something right out of George Orwell’s 1984. Free speech is dead in the UK. How long before we Canadians lose what few free speech rights we have left? previous related post here Damned if I am […]

The World – CIA And FBI Were Spying On Trump During His 2016 Presidential Campaign.

THE CIA and FBI were spying on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.   This now fact. Not a conspiracy theory.  Its a conspiracy fact. Who was trying to alter the 2016 presidential campaign results?  Turns out its not the Russians after all.  Its the American Deep State.  The Clinton campaign. This is bigger than the Watergate scandal […]

The World – Is Climate Change Caused By Humans?

Joe Rogan and Howard Bloom talk about humans role in relationship to climate change. previous related posts here