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The World - Giant Boogeyman?

The World – Giant Boogeyman?

Russia economy turns east. US dollar on the way as universal reserve currency? Russia, having a lot of natural resources and China with a large industrial sector make a formidable combination. Will this partnership spread to other resources? China is the world’s second largest importer of stuff.  Will now more of that stuff come from […]

The World – Money FYI

Want to know all about money, high property values and debt?  Go here. Its a UK site but I believe it has a lot of information that transfers over to the Canadian financial system.

Canada - Fascism...Its Not Just For Breakfast Any More

Canada – Fascism…Its Not Just For Breakfast Any More

“Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.”“(The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.)” – Cornelius Tacitus Now you see why all this spying by government agencies on their own population is so dangerous. All that information being stored away is going to be used for something someday. Right now, police are using your past […]

The World - Global Priorities, Local Priorities

The World – Global Priorities, Local Priorities

You know there is only so much money to go around so, you know, there’s going to be some pain.  The young, unemployed, sick and the poor..fuck them… right there PM Abbott? But when it comes to giving money to Lockheed Martin, let it rain, let it rain cash. Lots of money available to buy […]

The World – Why Is The Truth No Longer Enough?

Controversial?  Yes. Wrong?  I’m not so sure. Discussing this subject with someone, at the end of the conversation I was asked, if all that CO2 that we are pouring into the earth’s atmosphere is not causing the planet to heat up, then why would anyone stop pouring CO2 into the atmosphere?  What incentive is there […]

The World - Punish Savers. Reward Borrowers. Hows that Working For You?

The World – Punish Savers. Reward Borrowers. Hows that Working For You?

I am not sure what the endgame is for this super low interest debt based economy.  What is becoming increasing clear is that the people who are running this giant banking Ponzy scheme don’t know how to increase interest rates without crashing the entire economy. Also, unless they raise interest rates, the economy will fall […]

The World - Is Climate Change And Global Warming The Same Thing?

The World – Is Climate Change And Global Warming The Same Thing?

Is earth’s climate changing? Yes. Is it global warming? Not necessarily.  Is climate change caused by CO2 levels in our atmosphere?  Not necessarily.  But, as in Thunder Bay’s event centre debate, if the message does not fit the existing corporate agenda, it gets ignored, ridiculed and the authors get harassed as did Professor Bengsston.

The World - Jupiter's Not-So-Giant Red Spot

The World – Jupiter’s Not-So-Giant Red Spot

Res spot is shrinking faster than scientists/astronomers predicted.  I am sure that Jovian scientists will come up with something to blame their environmental phenomenon on.  Maybe…just maybe,  its the same reason why earth’s climate is changing?  The sun?

The World - There's Tough Talk And There's Tough Talk

The World – There’s Tough Talk And There’s Tough Talk

Harper talks tough when it comes to sanctions against Russia but then… Harper is a hypocrite. A raving anti-Putinite, Harper was frothing at the mouth screaming for sanctions against Putin and Russia after the Russian annexation of the Crimean peninsula. .  Harper hates Putin comparing Putin to Hitler.  Was that all theatre? All show for the Ukrainian […]

The World - What's The End Game Here?

The World – What’s The End Game Here?

US now creating eastern boogeyman to go along with Russia or is this something to do with the TPP?   BRICS?  Building more American military bases in Southeast Asia?  More defense spending? All of the above? Is the US driving China and Russia into a partnership?