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The World - There's Tough Talk And There's Tough Talk

The World – There’s Tough Talk And There’s Tough Talk

Harper talks tough when it comes to sanctions against Russia but then… Harper is a hypocrite. A raving anti-Putinite, Harper was frothing at the mouth screaming for sanctions against Putin and Russia after the Russian annexation of the Crimean peninsula. .  Harper hates Putin comparing Putin to Hitler.  Was that all theatre? All show for the Ukrainian […]

The World - What's The End Game Here?

The World – What’s The End Game Here?

US now creating eastern boogeyman to go along with Russia or is this something to do with the TPP?   BRICS?  Building more American military bases in Southeast Asia?  More defense spending? All of the above? Is the US driving China and Russia into a partnership?

The World – Just Plain Stupid

Just when you thought you heard everything: I don’t know what everyone’s going to do about this. Hey Bad Boys…how many photographers are going to be successfully sued by Amazon over their patent of photography against a white background?   I see.

The World – The Truth About The Odessa Massacre, The Maidan Protests And The Media

What really happened in the Odessa Ukraine massacre as well as who is really behind the Maidan Square protest. Once again, it can be shown that the main western media is being controlled by governments. In Thunder Bay, the media is controlled by the local government as well.  The entire effort to manufacture public support […]

The World - Ukraine Government Used UN-Marked Helicopters

The World – Ukraine Government Used UN-Marked Helicopters

Imagine the outrage if the so called pro-Russian terrorists used UN marked equipment in the Ukrainian civil war? If the Russians used UN marked helicopters?  A giant shitstorm from the western media would result.   This story?  Not much in the western (US) media about this story.

The World - All In The Family

The World – All In The Family

Still think the US is concerned about the plight of the ordinary Ukrainian? Think again.

The World – The Chinese Ukraine?

The next Ukraine?  Destabilization is a tactic we have seen used many times by the US before all over Central and South America as well as North Africa and the Middle East. All over the world actually.  Promote civil war.  Getting your enemies to kill themselves. Overthrow governments. Install puppet regimes.  Move in and set up military […]

The World – Global Warming – Why It Failed?

Global Warming – Another Point of View I believe what’s happening to our planet temperature wise is a far more complex process that what we are being led to believe. Asking questions is how you get to the truth. It all points to PERHAPS another little ice age. It seems likely we are going to […]

The World - The US And The Ukraine December 2004

The World – The US And The Ukraine December 2004

A FYI article from nine and a half years ago. Might shed some light on what is going on in the Ukraine. The US has been interested in the country for a while. Why?   What’s so important about the Ukraine that the US is willing to risk nuclear war?

Thunder Bay - Knee Deep In Hazardous Waste?

Thunder Bay – Knee Deep In Hazardous Waste?

If cigarette butts are hazardous waste, then the City of Thunder Bay has much to worry about.  What kind of environment are leaving the future generations that will be residing in Thunder Bay? The City of Thunder Bay has to take the discarded cigarette butt problem seriously.