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The World – Honest British Government Ad – Julian Assange

She left out Canada.  Canada is also America’s bitch.

The World – John Oliver Defends Assange

Not a fan of John Oliver.  He just seems to have sold out to the corporate media that pays his salary. However, even he believes that Assange needs to be defended. John Oliver Defends Assange: This Story is ‘Worrying For a Number of Reasons’ previous related posts here    

The World – Julian Assange’s Arrest An Attack On Journalism

We are now living in a world where you have to keep your head down and your mouth shut. Think about all the things we now know because Wikileaks published information that governments did not want us to know.   THAT is why Assange has been arrested.  He pissed off a lot of powerful people.  I […]

The World – The Dark History Of The Minimum Wage

Higher minimum wages hurts the people that it is supposed help.   Low skilled, inexperienced  workers have a harder time finding a job.

The World – Why Japan Banned The MMR Vaccine.

Why Japan banned MMR vaccine by JENNY HOPE, Daily Mail Japan stopped using the MMR vaccine seven years ago – virtually the only developed nation to turn its back on the jab.Government health chiefs claim a four-year experiment with it has had serious financial and human costs. Of the 3,969 medical compensation claims relating to […]

The World – The Myth Of The Unbiased Search Engine.

If you use Google, you may want to watch this.  I use DuckDuckGo myself. Sooo, can Google effect Canadian elections?   Of course it can.  Does the Canadian Government include Google in its election interference threat watch?  Of course not.   It should.

The World – Brussels Halts 5G Pilot Over Radiation Concerns

Brussels Halts 5G Pilot Over Radiation Concerns As Verizon Clicks Heels Over US Rollout A pilot project to provide 5G wireless internet in Brussels, Belgium has been halted by officials over health concerns for its citizens, according to the Brussels Times. In July, the government concluded an agreement with three telecom operators to relax the strict […]

The World – Russiagate Is Dead….But Online Censorship Is Alive And Well

The ramifications of the fiasco called Russiagate. Will anything change now?  No.  Nobody will be punished. The people who really run the world are busy trying to control what you can read, hear and say on the Internet. There is a war going on for your mind.

The World – Destroying Free Thought Online

Canada is leading the world in censorship of speech.  There is no such thing as free speech any longer. Eliminating free speech is not something that happened all at once.  It happened slowly, a creep of censorship where the long term goal is to control everything you hear, see or say. The people who REALLY […]

The World – The System Is Rigged. Its A Big Club And We Ain’t In It.

You’re A Sucker If You Don’t Believe The System Is Rigged Imagine you spent two years completely screwing up at your job, I mean not merely getting every single thing wrong but loudly, proudly getting in everyone else’s face about how right you are. You’d get fired, terminated, 86’d, and Schiff-canned. But not the mainstream media. The […]