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The World – US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts As ‘Watershed Event’ For ‘Galvanizing Public Unrest’

If this news surprises you, then you have been living in a cave, Does the US not understand that the people know all about these false flag events? US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event’ for ‘Galvanizing Public Unrest’ The US-funded CANVAS organization that trained Juan Guaido and his allies produced […]

The World – Mother Nature Demands Child Sacrifice


The World – Measles- Are We Turning The Measles Virus Into A Killer?

An interesting video about measles and vaccines. Are we making the measles virus worse by vaccinating children against it?   Are we screwing up our body’s immunity system? Measles never were deadly.  You got measles.  You stayed home from school.  They went away. Lifetime immunity.  Now we are being told that the virus is life threatening?  […]

The World – Measles, Back In The Day

I remember the days when measles were not treated as a death sentence.  Life was simpler back then. I believe its not the measles that are the issue, but the fact that the children will have to stay home for a week.  That means that a parent has to be at home as well.  No […]

The World – BBC Reporter Corrects US Media On Venezuela

Reporter Greg Palast talks about Venezuela. What is going on and why.  Interesting discussion.

The World – Cohen Claim Trump Had Prior Knowledge Of Wikileaks Debunked

Jimmy Dore and crew point out how the mainstream media lie to you.

The World – Video From Venezuelan Supermarket Shows No Food Shortage. Debunks False Flag Event When Aid Trucks Were Set On Fire

Jimmy and crew debunk food shortages in Venezuela. Also point out false flag event where aid trucks were set on fire. Mainstream media is lying to us as is our federal government.

The World – Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer Found In Top American Beer And Wine Brands

Makes you wonder what is in our beer. What’s in our food?  Roundup is every everywhere. Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer Found In Top Beer And Wine Brands  A new report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Education Fund reveals that many beers and wine sold across the US contain toxic glyphosate from weedkiller. PIRG tested five wines, 14 beers and one hard cider for the […]

The World – Mars. Anti-Grav, Et/UFOs

Sooo, you think you are a conspiracy theorist?  Then this is a video for you. If you do watch it, then I assure that you will have lots to think about. Does climate change really matter?  Is that the biggest threat to our civilization?  Maybe not.  Micro nova.  Never heard of it?   You are not […]

The World – Vaccine Coverup – Simpsonwood Memo

Vaccines are linked to Autism…(previous related posts here) I think people would like to know the REAL risks that vaccines pose to their children.  Lots of autistic children a round now. Parents of autistic children in Ontario are fighting with the provincial government over funding of programs.   We are talking about a significant number of […]