Canada -What The Canadian Election Results Would Have Looked Like With Electoral Reform

If you are interested in what this last election results would have looked like under a proportional representative electoral system, read the following article. What the Canadian election results would have looked like with electoral reform I once thought that the ranked ballot system was the best but it turns out that politicians can game […]

Canada – Son Of Soufi’s Restaurant Owner Is One Of Three Charged Over Protest Outside PPC Event In Hamilton

Son of Soufi’s restaurant owner is one of three charged over protest outside PPC event in Hamilton Three people have been charged in connection with a protest outside an event featuring People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier in Hamilton last month, including a man whose family temporarily shut down their business amid backlash over […]

Canada – Our Winner-Take-All System Sucks. Its Gotta Go.

This why I refuse to participate in our electoral process. Its a joke. This is also why Trudeau decided to renege on his 2015 campaign promise of replacing the ‘first past the post’ system of electing our government.  |If you want to change the system, boycott it. Boycotts work. Andrew Coyne: Our winner-take-all system turns […]

Canada – Now The Rest Of the Soufi Restaurant Story

The only person spewing hate in this story is the son of the restaurant owners.  Somehow, the mask wearing, hate spewing son has managed to become the victim here.  Why is that? THAT is the world we live in now.   Hate mongers, who spew out hate on behalf of the far left are victims.  We […]

Canada – A College Professor Named Justin Trudeau Sues University For Discrimination Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Is this the same Justin Trudeau that the Buffalo Register thought was the Prime Minister of Canada?   Hmmm….. I would think that the Buffalo newspaper would be aware of the difference between the two Trudeaus stories and locations.   Names are the same but the stories are different. Interesting. Coincidence?  I wonder if we will ever […]

Canada – Trudeau Rumoured To Be In Talks To Suppress Potentially Career-Ending Sex Scandal

Trudeau Rumored To Be In Talks To Suppress Potentially Career-Ending Sex Scandal Somehow, the Liberal Party has managed to minimize the blowback from Justin Trudeau’s ‘blackface’ scandal, and with two weeks to go until election day, is still well within the margin of error in most polls. But there might be another scandal in the […]

Canada – Scheer Hypocrite As Dual Citizenship Exposed

You can’t be leader of one country and pledge allegiance to another Hardly had we digested the news that Justin Trudeau, for all his attempts to tar opponents as racially insensitive troglodytes — certainly next to his own exquisitely sensitive self — had made something of a hobby of dressing up as a black or […]

Canada – Lets Ban Private Jets

If urgent climate action is needed, then let’s #BanPrivateJets As the din of climate hysteria grows ever louder, the eco-pious and super-rich call for urgent and drastic action on climate change. Justin Trudeau, still licking his wounds from being outed for his multiple episodes of blackface and brownface, took more heat today as he’s criss-crossing […]

Canada – Government Budgets Will Never Be Balanced. The Public Won’t Let It Happen.

Trudeau embarks on spendapalooza to win over voters In the lead up to the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau made two comments that were mocked relentlessly. He said that “the budget will balance itself,” and that he wanted to grow the economy, “from the heart out.” Plenty of people laughed at Trudeau for those comments but […]

Canada – Trudeau Rafting Blackface And “Costume”.

Trudeau’s blackface in context. Not just the face that is black. His legs as well. Actually his blackface IS the costume. He did not put much effort into clothing as far as dressing up is concerned.  T-shirt and jeans. “It is a racist shame by any measure, a self-imposed humiliation that will cling to Justin […]