Canada – State of Emergency Declared In Cat Lake

State of emergency declared in Cat Lake First Nation With nearly 90 homes recommended for demolition, Cat Lake First Nation’s chief and council have declared a state of life and public health emergency. In a statement issued by the band, leadership, under Chief Matthew Keewaykapow, says the poor state of housing in the community, located […]

Canada – Big Syrup

There’s a maple syrup cartel in Canada?  They control the price of maple syrup?  Seriously?  This is legal?  How is this not contravening anti-trust laws?  Oh, its Quebec.

Canada – Real Reason For Arrest Of Huawei CFO By Canada

Ahhhh….so its not really about breaking US sanctions against Iran?  What a surprise!  Never would have thought that was the case. Will Canada go  along with the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand and ban Huawei from their countries?  Seriously? You are asking that? I wonder just how far behind the rest of the world […]

Canada – Fined $40,000 For Telling A Joke

In Canada, you can get fined $40,000 for telling a joke.  Why?  Because someone was offended. The Federal Government is now buying the Canadian media.  Encouraging for good news coverage. Discouraging bad news coverage.  Why? Canada is quickly moving towards George Orwell’s 1984.   Government control of speech, thought and information. Privacy is a thing of […]

Canada – Union Chief Warns Oshawa Closure Could Be First Step In GM Shuttering All Canadian Operations

Ontario – GM To Close Oshawa Plant

GM To Close 100-Year-Old Oshawa Plant, Affecting Thousands Of Jobs With car sales in the US and China locked in a precipitous slowdown that is only expected to worsen, GM on Monday is expected to announce the closure of one of its Canadian plants as the company hopes to move more production to Mexico and […]

Canada – Price Tag For Cleaning Up Of Alberta Oilsands Land Is Now Estimated At $260 Billion….And That Estimate Is Likely On The Low Side

The estimated $260 billion (likely to be much higher) cost of cleaning up the Alberta Oilsands land is almost completely unfunded. Once all those companies that have spent the last 100 years destroying the area are gone, who will pick up that $260 billion clean-up tab?  Taxpayers of course.  Who always pays to cleanup abandoned […]

Canada – Federal Plan For Canadian Funding Not All Its Cracked Up To Be

Federal plan for Canadian media funding not all it’s cracked up to be There are two main things you need to know about the federal government’s recently announced $600 million in Canadian media funding. First, the folks who will figure out how to divvy up the pork pie will be an “independent panel drawn from […]

Canada – Binding Arbitration Should Be Used To Settle ALL Government Contracts

Irate postal workers fill Hajdu’s office About 20 irate postal workers, upset at pending back-to-work legislation being pushed through the House of Commons on Friday night, descended on Labour Minister Patty Hajdu’s Thunder Bay constituency office to convey their displeasure. Calling Hajdu and the Liberals liars, the workers said union members and Canada Post should […]

Canada – Federal Agency Created To Fight Poverty, Spent $500,000 On Name, Logo And Branding

A federal agency, created to fight poverty, spent $500,000 on a name, logo and branding The Liberal government spent $500,000 on outside advisers to come up with a logo, name and branding for a new agency that promises to alleviate poverty in developing countries, internal documents reveal. Its 2017 budget announced $300-million toward developing an […]