Canada – More on Bill S-3…Can We Afford It?

This from Vice News Canada regarding Bill S-3. (see previous related posts here). It appears that Fearless Leader Justin Trudeau is also not in favour of Bill S-3 as it will come out of the Senate. This article may bring some much needed context to the CJ editorial, dated August 9, 2017 written by Brian Giesbrecht […]

Canada – The Great Carbon Tax Scam

The Carbon Tax that we are all paying to “save the planet” is nothing but a tax grab by our governments.  I know it. You know it. Ottawa knows it. Queens Park knows it. The Paris Agreement is nothing but a PR product that provides politicians with a photo op.  Its purpose is to make […]

Canada - Calgary Public Art Controversy

Canada – Calgary Public Art Controversy

Public art. Always controversial and I suppose that is the point. Does anyone actually notice these things? If its along side a highway, who is going to see it? Are drivers not supposed to be watching the road? I believe public art should be funded by the private sector. People want public art, donate it […]

Canada – Bill S-3, Can We Afford It?

Can Canadians afford to pass Bill S-3?  Basically, Bill S-3 wants to give Indian status to all children who can trace their ancestry back to an Indian woman marrying a non-Indian man. This would give millions more people status under the Indian Act.  And with Indian status comes benefits.  Who wouldn’t want those benefits? Who […]

Canada – Saudi Arabia Using Canadian Made Weapons On Its Own Civilians. Surprise!

Interesting…I wonder if the Canadian Government will actually stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia and its dominant faith of Wahhabism, a fundamental version of Islam, that interprets the Koran literally, fund ISIS and many other terrorist organizations around the world. (type “Saudi Arabia” into the search window for previous related posts) Saudi Arabia […]

Canada – Buying Your Vote With Your Own Money

FedNor doles out $275K for local projects The federal government will spend $275,000 to help four local organizations continue their work. The money, being directed through FedNor, will help make improvements to Baseball Central ($100,000), partially finance construction of a pavilion at Waverley Park ($95,000), upgrade trails for accessibility at the Mission Island Conservation Area […]

Canada – The Trouble With Trudeau

Now that Trudeaumania 2016 is dying down, it might be time to have a look at just what our Fearless Leader is all about. Where he came from. What he promised during the election. What he has delivered so far. Election reform…biggest election promise that turned out to be a lie ever made by a […]

Canada – Toronto’s 110 Year Old Carousel Sold For $3 Million

Sooo….The carousel in Chippewa Park is worth….? Toronto’s 110-year old carousel on Centre Island sold for $3 million Owner of the cash-strapped amusement park says residents and visitors have until November 2017 to ride the Toronto attraction one last time. “It’s a part of history leaving Toronto, and a part of Toronto history coming here,” […]

Canada – Points For “Good Behaviour”: Canadian Government Introduces the Creepiest App Ever

This sort of ties in with the  previous posts  WHY PRIVACY MATTERS IN AN AGE OF TECH TOTALARIANSIM  Yes, the Canadian government has rolled out an app that gives you points for eating well and exercising and taking quizzes about the flu shot and other healthy activities! And everyone seems totally fine with this. Welcome to […]

Canada – Bank Of Canada Raises Interest Rate For First Time In Seven Years

Looks like the low interest party just might be over.  Canadians have some of the highest rates of personal debt in the world. Not sure what will happen.  Not much now but if interest rates continue to rise, that will suck money out of the disposable income portion of Canadian household budgets.  This will affect […]