Canada – Hypocrisy Is At The Trudeau Groping Allegation

This opinion piece from Robyn Urback, CBC News Hypocrisy is at the crux of the Trudeau groping allegation The prime minister and his defenders are asking for a type of consideration previously denied to others This is about hypocrisy — not about what did or did not happen at a music festival 18 years ago. […]

Canada – Federal Immigration Minister Criticizes Ontario Tories’ Language On Asylum Seekers

Federal immigration minister criticizes Ont. Tories’ language on asylum seekers The federal minister of immigration objected Monday to the new Ontario Tory government’s references to people claiming refugee status as “illegal border crossers.” Last week, a spokesman for Premier Doug Ford used the term in a statement sent to the media, saying the recent influx of asylum […]

Canada -  Trudeau Gets Cabinet Member's Support Over Handling Of Groping Allegation

Canada – Trudeau Gets Cabinet Member’s Support Over Handling Of Groping Allegation

“I’m actually proud of a prime minister that understands that you can believe that you didn’t have negative interactions with someone — I think we can think about this in all kinds of different situations — and find out later that someone perceived that interaction in a completely different way, and reflect on how our behaviour […]

Canada – Trudeau Goes From Virtue-Signaller-In-Chief To Lying-Hypocrite-In-Chief

PM ‘confident’ he did nothing inappropriate at B.C. music festival in 2000 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted Thursday he “did not act inappropriately” towards a female reporter at a B.C. music festival 18 years ago — but he also acknowledged that the woman he’s been accused of groping may have an entirely different perspective. Trudeau said he’s […]

Canada – Most New TTC Streetcars To Be Taken Out Of Service To Fix “Welding Problem”

Most new TTC streetcars to be taken out of service to fix ‘welding problem’ Many of the new streetcars delivered to Toronto significantly past deadline by Bombardier will be taken out of service and sent to Quebec to fix a “welding problem,” the TTC said Wednesday. Sixty-seven streetcars need to be fixed, according to Toronto Transit […]

Canada – Trudeau Needs To Resign As Leader Of The Federal Liberals

This commentary by Andrew MacDougall from Global News website: The facts about what Justin Trudeau can’t remember Seeing as facts are now apparently the front and demarcation lines between left and right in Canada, it’s perhaps the right time to look at the facts behind an 18-year-old allegation of groping against Justin Trudeau. READ MORE: No memory of ‘negative interactions,’ Trudeau says of groping allegations from […]

Canada – Sortition – Maybe Its Time Has Come

Sortition: the use of random selection to populate a legislative assembly. (parliament, congress) If its a good enough system to choose a group of people that may decide if someone should spend the rest of his/her life in prison, then why could a random system of selecting a government not work?  Would it not be […]

Canada – Your Government At Work – Phoenix Pay System To Cost Billions

Fixing Phoenix to cost billions, take five years to fix, report says The problem-plagued Phoenix payroll system has already cost the federal government more than $1 billion and could require an additional $500 million a year until it is fixed, based on the government’s latest estimate made public Friday. The majority of future spending is being described […]

Canada – Trudeau Caught Up In Own Web Of Social Justice

Trudeau has to say something about groping accusation. Yet what can he say? The prime minister would appear to have some explaining to do. He has to say something, and he has to say it himself — he can’t just leave it to his media relations people. Yet what can he say? If he says […]

Canada – Your Tax Dollars At Work – Taxpayers Are Not Corporate ATMs

Federal government quietly writes off loan — but won’t reveal sum or say who got it The loan written off in March likely was to auto sector, but Liberal government refuses to disclose details The Liberal government appears to have written off a taxpayer loan to the auto industry in March, but is refusing to […]