Canada – If You Invite Refugees, They Are Going To Come. Why? Canada Has Generous Social Programs.

Hmmm…remember when Canada’s chief virtue signaller and fearless leader Justin Trudeau decided to stick it to US President Donald Trump and his immigration policy by bragging about Canada’s open door policy when it comes to immigration.  He said Canada will welcome ALL refugees fleeing persecution, terror and war.  Trump immigration policy bad, Trudeau’s immigration policy […]

Canada – Indigenous Victimhood

The Australian and Canadian indigenous peoples have much in common. An interesting interview with Anthony Dillon, a member of the Australian indigenous population discussing the need for indigenous Australians to rid themselves of the ingrained idea that they are victims.  Victimhood. Substitute Australia with Canada.  It interview still holds true. The Canadian indigenous population must […]

Canada – Canada Moves Toward Buying Used Australian Fighter Jets

Canada moves toward buying Australian fighter jets, upping ante in trade dispute with Boeing Canada has taken the first formal step toward buying used Australian FA-18 fighter jets, upping the ante in a trade dispute with U.S. defence giant Boeing. Public Services and Procurement Canada quietly posted notice on its website over the holiday weekend that it […]

Canada – Denmark Joins European Nations Banning Niqab and Burka

Denmark joins European nations in banning niqad, burka Denmark will join other European countries banning full-face covering, including Islamic veils such as the niqab or burqa. Jakob Ellemann-Jensen of Denmark’s liberal party that leads a center-right governing coalition says a law proposal was not aimed at any religions or a ban of scarfs, turbans or […]

Canada – Trudeau’s Policies Regarding Indigenous People

With all the furor over Lynn Beyak’s comments relating to Canada’s Indigenous Peoples, it might be interesting to hear about what Fearless Leader Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are doing to improve Indigenous People’s lives. The answer is…not much.  Trudeau talks a good game, the sign of a successful politician, but delivers on very […]

Canada – Trudeau, Tax Reform And Doctor Bob

Why are Trudeau’s MPs giving him grief over tax reform? It’s because of Dr. Bob In a small town in rural Atlantic Canada there is a doctor there – let’s call him Dr. Bob – who everyone in this town of several hundred people thinks is a swell guy. They look up to Dr. Bob. […]

Canada – Apologize For Slavery And Pay Reparations, Says The UN

We are living in the time of victimization. Everyone is a victim. If you go far enough back in time, you can find something in everyone’s past that provides them justification for claiming victim status. Failure? Victim.  Criminal? Victim.  Poor? Victim.  Addict? Victim.  Murderer? Victim. Rapist? Victim.  Nothing is ever your fault.  Nothing is never […]

Canada – Truck Driver Gets Three Years For Killing Three Teens

Sped through construction zone: Truck driver gets 3 years for killing 3 teens A truck driver who killed three Saskatchewan teenagers when his speeding semi rear-ended their car in a construction zone has been sentenced to three years in prison. The boys were driving home from football camp two years ago when Normand Lavoie hit them and caused […]

Canada – More on Bill S-3…Can We Afford It?

This from Vice News Canada regarding Bill S-3. (see previous related posts here). It appears that Fearless Leader Justin Trudeau is also not in favour of Bill S-3 as it will come out of the Senate. This article may bring some much needed context to the CJ editorial, dated August 9, 2017 written by Brian Giesbrecht […]

Canada – The Great Carbon Tax Scam

The Carbon Tax that we are all paying to “save the planet” is nothing but a tax grab by our governments.  I know it. You know it. Ottawa knows it. Queens Park knows it. The Paris Agreement is nothing but a PR product that provides politicians with a photo op.  Its purpose is to make […]