Canada – Did Mexico Stab Canada In The Back?

“Canada Just Got Played”: How Mexico Stabbed Canada In The Back In what was the biggest economic news of the day, Donald Trump concluded bilateral trade negotiations with Mexico, a deal which he called the US-Mexico Trade Agreement (profiled previously) and which will replace the trilateral NAFTA which has – for now at least – been scrapped […]

Canada – Unity Is Strength? Diversity Is Strength? Which Side Are You On? Why Can’t There Be A Discussion?

CBC’s Neil MacDonald discusses diversity versus unity. Diversity is strength…Unity is Strength.  They both can’t be right. Personally, I believe that unity is strength.  We are all Canadians.  The problem is that what it is to be a Canadian is changing so much that there may no longer be a Canadian.  Canada may just end […]

Canada – Transcript Of Trudeau’s Exchange With Hecklers At Quebec Event

Transcript of Trudeau’s exchange with hecklers at Quebec event This is an English translation of an exchange between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a heckler during a corn roast in Sabrevois, Que., on Thursday, Aug. 16. The exchange was captured on Facebook Live video and other video posted online. The heckler has been identified by La Presse Canadienne as Diane […]

Canada – The Trouble With Hate Speech

no apologies for heckler encounter, pledges to call out ‘hate speech’ Hate speech and the politics of division are creating a “dangerous path” for Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday as he vowed to steer clear of such roads and to continue calling out those who rely on “extremist” methods to make their voices heard. Trudeau […]

Canada - Canada's Tax System Skewed To Protect The Wealthy - The Return Of Captain Obvious

Canada – Canada’s Tax System Skewed To Protect The Wealthy – The Return Of Captain Obvious

Most CRA auditors polled say Canada’s tax system is skewed to protect the wealthy A union-sponsored survey of more than 1,700 auditors and other tax professionals who work for the Canada Revenue Agency suggests that even the insiders believe the cards are stacked in favour of the rich. Nine out of 10 surveyed agreed with […]

Canada - Smoke From Western Fires

Canada – Smoke From Western Fires

Looking out a window in Lloydminster Alberta.  Sunlight passing through smoke haze creates this golden tint.

Canada – One Trillion Litres Of Sewage Leaked Into Canadian Lakes and Rivers Over The Passed Five Years.

One trillion litres of sewage leaked into Canadian lakes and rivers over last five years Last Wednesday, a team of people from the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper environmental group descended on the Toronto harbourfront looking for any signs the previous night’s massive, flash-flood rainfall had caused the city’s ancient combined sewer system to overflow into the […]

Canada -Trade Talks Continue Between Mexico And U.S. Without Canada At The Table

Mexico and U.S. appear close to deal on key auto content rules, as Canada remains on NAFTA sidelines The two countries were to meet again on Thursday, again without Canada, while Canadian officials met in Ottawa Wednesday to plot out their strategy With Canada remaining on the NAFTA sidelines for a third straight week, the […]

Canada – Saudi Official Says Oil Sales Unaffected By Dispute With Canada

Saudi official says oil sales unaffected by dispute with Canada Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic dispute with Canada over its arrest of women’s rights activists will not affect the ultraconservative kingdom’s oil sales to Canadian customers, the Saudi energy minister said Thursday. The remarks by Khalid al-Falih show the limits of the ongoing quarrel and may calm […]

Canada – Kinder Morgan Just Told Its Shareholders How It Persuaded The Trudeau Government To Pay Billions For A Pipeline No One Else Wanted To Buy

Kinder Morgan just told its shareholders how it persuaded the Trudeau government to pay billions for a pipeline no one else wanted to buy The Trudeau government made financial overtures to Texas energy giant Kinder Morgan more than a month before the pipeline operator issued an ultimatum that drove Ottawa to offer billions to take […]