Thunder Bay – Bombardier Thunder Bay Plant To Run Out Of Work Within A Year

Bombardier Thunder Bay plant to run out of work within a year: union The largest private-sector employer in Thunder Bay, Ont., may not have many workers next year, if Bombardier does not secure new contracts for the plant, says the local union president. Domenic Pasqualino, the President of Unifor Local 1075, said work at the […]

Canada – Canada’s Most Dangerous Places – 2019

Thunder Bay, Kenora among most violent cities in Canada Two Northwestern Ontario cities have among the highest rates of violent crime in the country. Thunder Bay and Kenora both land in the top-20 of most violent Canadian cities, included in Maclean’s magazine’s annual rankings of the most dangerous cities in Canada released earlier this week […]

Canada – Your Tax Dollars At Work – Ottawa Spending Your Tax Dollars Like A Drunken Sailor

Construction of sixth Arctic patrol ship at Irving Shipbuilding to cost $800M — double the cost of the other five Building a sixth Arctic patrol ship to add to the five originally commissioned from Irving Shipbuilding for the Royal Canadian Navy will cost taxpayers $800 million — double the price-tag of each of the other […]

Canada – Trudeau Government Believes In Decorum, Not Like Those Goons Across The Aisle

Pretty funny.  Worth a read.  Shines a light on the hypocrisy that is politics.  Trudeau and Harper are exactly the same politician.  They belong to different political parties.  They may have different ideas about what Canada should look like. But both their governments  operate exactly the same way.  Same rules. Same secrecy. Same lies. Same […]

Canada – Throwing Good Money After Bad. Its What Governments Do

Does Ottawa know if the money that it is throwing at the Indigenous people actually accomplishes anything?   No, it does not.  So naturally, Ottawa throws more money at the situation. In fact, that is how government works in general.  Got a problem?  Throw money at it. Problem still there?  Throw more money at it.  You […]

Canada – Carbon Price Not Exempt From GST

Ahhh..the infamous tax on a tax. The “Not My Prime Minister” Justin Trudeau is not talking about the quarter of a billion GST dollars that the Carbon Tax will transfer from your pockets to his government’s pockets.  I wonder why not? Carbon price not exempt from GST despite promise it be revenue neutral The federal […]

Canada – Ignore Trudeau’s Carbon-Tax Chorus

Ignore Trudeau’s carbon-tax chorus. Nobel economists aren’t backing this plan In an effort to bolster the federal Liberals shaky arguments for a semi-national, cash-circulating Rube Goldberg carbon-tax price mechanism, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government are pointing to the work of William Nordhaus, one of this year’s Nobel Prize-winning economists. Canadians would be better […]

Canada – StatsCan Scooped Up 15 years Of Personal Financial Data From Canadian Credit Bureau. Bet You Did Not Know That.

StatCan scooped up 15 years of personal financial data from Canadian credit bureau As Statistics Canada plans to build a massive new personal information bank with the real-time financial transaction data of hundreds of thousands of Canadians, Global News has learned the agency has scooped up 15 years’ worth of credit rating information from a major international […]

Canada – Stats Canada Requesting Banking Information Of 500,000 Canadians Without Their Knowledge

Stats Canada requesting banking information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge Statistics Canada is asking banks across the country for financial transaction data and personal information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge, Global News has learned. Documents obtained by Global News show the national statistical agency plans to collect “individual-level financial transactions data” and sensitive information, […]

Canada – Ottawa Tries To Sell Snake Oil To Canadians

How the Liberals hope to escape the ‘Green Shift’ curse in 2019 The Trudeau government is moving ahead with its plan to put a price on carbon emissions. In the process, it’s directly taking on federal Conservatives and the four premiers who oppose carbon pricing by promising to give the money back to taxpayers in those […]