Canada – Government Budgets Will Never Be Balanced. The Public Won’t Let It Happen.

Trudeau embarks on spendapalooza to win over voters In the lead up to the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau made two comments that were mocked relentlessly. He said that “the budget will balance itself,” and that he wanted to grow the economy, “from the heart out.” Plenty of people laughed at Trudeau for those comments but […]

Canada – Trudeau Rafting Blackface And “Costume”.

Trudeau’s blackface in context. Not just the face that is black. His legs as well. Actually his blackface IS the costume. He did not put much effort into clothing as far as dressing up is concerned.  T-shirt and jeans. “It is a racist shame by any measure, a self-imposed humiliation that will cling to Justin […]

Canada – How Much Do Election Promises Cost And How Will They Be Funded?

Green Party to release PBO findings on its platform promises this morning Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will reveal later this morning in Halifax how much the party’s ideas will cost Canadians, in her latest election campaign stop. Last week, May released her party’s platform, which centres on transitioning Canada to a green economy while lifting […]

Canada – Trudeau Cannot Say How Often He Wore Blackface

Canada’s Justin Trudeau cannot say how often he wore blackface Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau has said he cannot remember how often he wore blackface as a younger man, as a scandal deepened ahead of an election. He was speaking after more images of him wearing black make-up when he was younger emerged. “I am wary […]

Thunder Bay – Trudeau Is A Sanctimonious Fraud

Andrew Coyne: Is Justin Trudeau a racist? No. He is a sanctimonious fraud The racial masks Trudeau wore to conceal his identity 20 years ago are but one in a series: from blackface to feministface to sunnywaysface ANDREW COYNE  –Updated: September 20, 2019  By now it should be clear there is something wrong with Justin […]

Canada – Justin Trudeau: Alleged Criminal, Liar, Groper of Women And Racist? Is That Someone Who Should Be Leading This Country?

Under Justin Trudeau’s own ‘politically correct’ rules, he should resign.  Why is it that the same rules that apply to every other politician do not apply to him? Imagine if Andrew Sheer did anything Trudeau is being accused of?  Imagine if there was a photo of Andrew Sheer dressed in “Brown Face”?  “Black Face”? Imagine […]

Canada – Not All MMIWG Report Recommendations Stand Up To Scrutiny

Not all the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls report recommendations stand up to scrutiny The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIW) report declares that violence against Indigenous women is genocide. But do the recommendations stand up to scrutiny? Already, a Senate committee is at work dealing with some the report’s 200-plus recommendations, as […]

Canada – Four Years Of Trudeau In Two Minutes

Four Years Of Trudeau In Two Minutes Worth a look. What exactly did he do over the last four years?  What did his majority government accomplish?  Not a whole hell of a lot.

Canada – Liberals Spending Your Cash Like Drunken Sailors In An Attempt To Buy Your Vote

Conservatives claim Liberals broke rules with summer spending tour handing out billions Liberal MPs and ministers finished their summer with a flourish of spending announcements that, in many cases, focused on regions of the country where the governing party will be most active seeking votes in the coming election. The spending tour — there were more […]

Canada – MMIWG Final Report Altered Quietly After CBC Inquired About Errors

Amazing what the difference an single additional word makes to the message of the report.  The thing that makes me angry is that this error has not been publicized. Also, the incorrect report is allowed to remain on the official record. The error is not a minor one. Its a big one. Makes you wonder […]