Canada – Tick, Tick, Tick….

Stephen Harper to announce Toronto-based yuan trading hub during visit to China Stephen Harper is set to announce that Canada has landed a Chinese currency trading hub that should boost exports to Asia, when he visits Beijing this Saturday. The Prime Minister will meet President Xi Jinping this weekend and sources suggest he will announce that […]

Canada - Trial By Media

Canada – Trial By Media

I do not share Jian Ghomeshi’s preference for rough sex. Not my cup of tea. Don’t understand the attraction of that stuff. However, what happens between consenting adults, as long as it does not harm anyone else, is their business…not mine. Now several women are coming forward and accusing Mr.Ghomeshi of sexual harassment, physical abuse […]

Canada - Possible Solution For Temporary Foreign Worker Program Debacle?

Canada – Possible Solution For Temporary Foreign Worker Program Debacle?

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz said ‘Adult children stuck in their parents’ basements because they can’t find adequate employment should take unpaid work to bolster résumés as they wait for the recovery to take hold’. Hard to pay off your student loan debt while working for free.  Also, your contribution to the Canadian economy […]

Canada - Its Spelled G-R-E-E-D

Canada – Its Spelled G-R-E-E-D

The bank made a net profit of $6.7 billion last year.  Apparently, that is not enough for those greedy bastards. If you have an account with this bank, its time to close it. Seriously.  It might be time to have a look at your local credit union. Lay-off Canadians and outsource their jobs to…?  How does […]

Thunder Bay - A Fight That Both Sides Hope Continues For A Long Time

Thunder Bay – A Fight That Both Sides Hope Continues For A Long Time

This is a trend that, if you have been paying attention, you will have seen before.  Think Ring of Fire. Both Fed and Prov governments have no real intention of spending that Infrastructure Program money right now. Maybe not for a long, long time. Promising is one thing…actually doing it is quite another. One government […]

Canada - Under Attack .... By Our Own Government

Canada – Under Attack …. By Our Own Government

New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair said he would not label killing of a solider at the National War Memorial and the attack on Parliament Hill by gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau as a terrorist act. “I don’t think that we have enough evidence to use that word,” Mulcair told reporters Wednesday after emerging from the NDP caucus […]

Canada - Freedom's Just Another Word For What We're About To Lose

Canada – Freedom’s Just Another Word For What We’re About To Lose

Greenwald noted that the Harper government moved with “shameless” and “naked” speed to use the tragedies to announce a grab by his government for more surveillance and arrest powers that further undermine the core principles of justice in this country. This was accomplished by immediately and without proof connecting the events, including the shooting of […]

Canada – Is A Murder Done By A Muslim A Terrorist Act? Or Is It Just A Murder?

Another view of the recent killings in Ottawa and Quebec by Russell Brand.  I guess if you kill a soldier, your a terrorist but if you kill a group of  mounties, your a criminal? Is it the religion of the attacker that makes a murder a terrorist attack? It seems like it is. Were these […]

Canada - Muslim Internment Camps

Canada – Muslim Internment Camps

PM Steve must be walking around with a giant erection today. He’s an important man of the world now and Canadians are going to pay the price for that. Lucky us. The other NATO leaders have nothing on him. Nothing screams importance more than having Canadian soldiers dying at home because of you.   Its what […]

Canada/Thunder Bay - Oils Not Well And Things May Not End Well

Canada/Thunder Bay – Oils Not Well And Things May Not End Well

The government is still likely in the position of predicting a surplus for the 2015-16 budget, but they may have to tailor some of promises they’ve made for a surplus budget, he said. According to a report released Friday by BMO Capital Markets, the recent oil price drop could siphon $3 billion off the government’s […]