Ontario – The Game Of Political Budget Chess

Ontario Premier Doug Ford cancelling retroactive cuts to municipalities In the face of growing public opposition and sagging poll numbers, Ontario Premier Doug Ford cancelled retroactive cuts to municipalities for this year, setting the stage for a battle over next year’s funding. The decision prevents municipalities having to find hundreds of millions of dollars in […]

Ontario – Ontario Eliminates Indigenous Culture Funds

Ontario eliminates Indigenous Culture Fund, cuts millions for the arts Ontario has eliminated a fund supporting Indigenous culture as the government cuts tens of millions of dollars in arts funding — a decision that is being slammed as short-sighted. The Progressive Conservatives are attempting to trim an $11.7-billion deficit and are cutting spending in a […]

Ontario – Municipalities Should Receive More Tax Dollars While The Province And Feds Should Receive Fewer Tax Dollars

Municipalities grapple with hundreds of millions in provincial funding cuts Ontario’s municipalities say they may be forced to raise taxes or cut services due to provincial government cuts that will likely equal well over half a billion dollars in lost annual funding and foregone revenue. Since the Progressive Conservative government released its first budget last month that […]

Ontario – Fire Protection In Indigenous Communities

‘The system is broken,’ Ontario First Nations firefighters say of fire protection in Indigenous communities The head of an Ontario organization representing firefighters in Indigenous communities says the current system that dictates how fire protection is handled in First Nations is woefully inadequate and needs to be rebuilt. Matthew Miller, the president of the Ontario […]

Ontario – Teachers Protest Ford Government’s Education Changes.

Thousands of Ontario teachers protest Ford government’s controversial education changes Provincial memo this week said 3,475 full-time teaching positions to be eliminated Thousands of educators from across Ontario descended on Queen’s Park on Saturday to protest impending changes to the province’s education system. The rally was organized by members from five different teachers’ unions. Demonstrators, […]

Thunder Bay – The Autism Haves Versus The Autism Have-Nots

Changes to autism services ‘killing chances for our kids’ Fighting back tears, Krista Smith shared her frustration that her four-year-old son, Conner, who was diagnosed with autism two years ago, will not be given the same opportunities as everyone else in the province. “Our son is four and he is non-verbal. I don’t know if […]

Ontario – Why Privatization Is Not The Biggest Issue With Ontario’s Health Reforms

CBC takes you through the issue. Its about reforming health care administration…not privatizing the entire health care system.  If done properly, this could free up millions of dollars to be spent on other arts of the health care system. Reducing admin costs and reinvesting those savings in health care delivery/treatment is something few Ontarians would […]

Ontario – Man Stopped For Breathalyzer After Returning Bottles To Beer Store

Hey, I’m all for nailing people who drive while under the influence of something. Alcohol marijuana or drugs. There has to be some logical reasoning behind the act of forcing someone to blow in a breathalyzer.  Returning bottles to a beer store does not meet the level of logical reasoning that I believe warrants a […]

Ontario – Cannabis Lottery Results

The results of the Cannabis Lottery.  Not sure who these people are or where they are. Selected: North Region Anton Lucic 428024 Saturninus Partners 423124 Wait List: North Region Arielle Grinberg 397964 Christopher Douglas Emmons 421016 Blanchart Arunasalam 416172 RuzHal Canna Corp. 415415 Christina Kelly 418879 Eden Ifergan 427410 2600207 Ontario Inc. 420297 Jayde McElroy 424348 Justin Femia 412039 Com3xprt Inc […]

Ontario – OIPRD Found Not To Be Sooo Independent After All

Ontario police watchdog skewered for back-room chats that cleared officer of misconduct Back-channel chats that led Ontario’s police watchdog to set aside its own finding of misconduct against an officer were inappropriate and undermined the integrity of the process, an appeal court has ruled. In a decision this week, Divisional Court said the Office of […]