Ontario – Private Sector To Sell Marijuana In Ontario Once Pot Can Be Legally Sold

Private sector to sell marijuana in Ontario once pot can be legally sold The Ontario government will reportedly allow private stores to sell marijuana once recreational cannabis becomes legal on Oct. 17. A source in the provincial government told the Globe and Mail that Finance Minister Vic Fedeli and Attorney General Caroline Mulroney are expected […]

Ontario – Will Ontario’s Vote Results Open The Door To Electoral Reform?

An article from the Toronto Star that talks about how the recent Ontario election results might trigger election reform in Canada. I mentioned this in my previous post on Doug Ford’s victory. Majority governments produced by capturing 40% of the vote are not truly representative governments. Trudeau has a majority government federally and his party […]

Ontario - PCs Win Majority Government In Spite Of Having Doug Ford As Leader

Ontario – PCs Win Majority Government In Spite Of Having Doug Ford As Leader

‘Magic’ of simple message, simple strategy led to Ford victory PCs benefited from a voting public tired of Liberals, still skeptical of NDP He may be polarizing to a significant segment of voters, have run a messy campaign and come with his own political baggage, but Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford may just have been the “ideal candidate” to […]

Ontario – The Fall Of Ontario – Rising Debt Crisis

Stefen Molyneaux takes a look at the fall of Ontario under the Liberal Party and the rise of the provincial debt.  Nobody is talking about the huge level of debt that Ontario now has.  In fact, all three major political parties are planning on increasing that debt well…forever.  Nobody has a plan to balance the […]

Ontario – Want To Vote None Of The Above? You Can…

Want to vote ‘none of the above’ in Ontario’s election? Here’s how you can Suppose that, after almost 15 years of Liberal government, you’re ready to see the back of Kathleen Wynne. But the thought of what Andrea Horwath’s NDP might do to Ontario’s finances worries you, and you find Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford’s […]

Ontario – Finnish Minister Gives Thumbs Down To Basic Income Pilot: “We Have To Look At Incentives To Work”

Finland’s finance minister gives thumbs down to basic income pilot: ’We have to look at the incentives to work’ Finland’s experiment with basic income is falling flat. With more than half a year left of the project, decision makers are already pulling the breaks. In an interview with Financial Times, the country’s finance minister Petteri Orpo […]

Ontario – Chamber Of Commerce Welcomes Review Of Stat Holiday Pay Rules

Chamber of Commerce welcomes review of stat holiday pay rules Government backtracks after complaints from business Business owners hope a review of a controversial change to public holiday pay rules will result in a system that’s more fair and easier to understand and implement. Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce President Charla Robinson says the provincial government’s […]

Ontario – Province And Northern Ontario First Nations To Share Resource Revenues

‘A truly historic agreement’: province and northern Ontario First Nations to share resource revenues Ontario will split revenues from forestry and mining with First Nations represented by three councils The provincial government announced Thursday that it’s signed a series of resource revenue sharing agreements that will see money from mining and forestry operations in northern Ontario […]

Ontario – Liar, Liar Pants And Skirts On Fire

Hmmm…..turns out governments lie.  Not only that, turns out they lie about the financial state of the chunk of land that they govern.  No surprise there, but this lie is pretty big.  A difference of $5 million. $11.7 billion instead of $6.7 billion. In scathing pre-election report, Ontario auditor general says deficit is $11.7B, not […]

Ontario – They Bought Their Prebuilt Homes At The Market’s Peak. Now They face Financial Ruin.

This article from the Toronto Star. Its hard to feel sorry for people like this.  House prices dropped. Larger down payment required. Interest rates going up.  On other words, things did not go they way they thought. Now, they want the Government of Ontario to bail them out. Of course! That is the world we […]