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Thunder Bay - Its Just Not Enough

Thunder Bay – Its Just Not Enough

I don’t know.  Something wrong with jeans that cost only five dollars.  Yes, they are boys jeans but remember, this is the price that includes material, labour, profits and transportation costs. Its not enough.  Its just not enough.  You can’t make them yourself for that price and that is with free labour! Something is drastically […]

Thunder Bay - Something Is Up

Thunder Bay – Something Is Up

  Something is up on Algoma Street at Cornwall.  I wonder what.

Thunder Bay - Cumberland Street...The Agony Continues

Thunder Bay – Cumberland Street…The Agony Continues

The Cumberland Street marathon construction project is done. All finished. Contractor has moved on to other work. Workers and equipment all gone. Life is good. Hallelujah!     Well, all done except for this.    There is nothing providing outside support here.  They better deal with this before the asphalt starts to fall apart….and it […]

Thunder Bay - Target Cart

Thunder Bay – Target Cart

I am sure that the store manager of the new Target store at Intercity Plaza must be delirious with joy today.  One of its shopping carts was left at the intersection of Bay and Algoma. You know that people have really accepted you into the community when they take your shopping carts and abandon them […]

Thunder Bay - Paying To Park

Thunder Bay – Paying To Park

One thing I see regularly during my daily wanderings is City of Thunder Bay vehicles parking in metered spaces without putting money in the meter. Not a problem when they are doing so on business.  You know. Work.  Parking for work. But, when the city employees are simply eating lunch in a nearby restaurant, then […]