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Thunder Bay - Bus Shelter Update.

Thunder Bay – Bus Shelter Update.

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Thunder Bay - What's Yours Is Mine

Thunder Bay – What’s Yours Is Mine

The outdoor tables at Roosters Restaurant on St. Paul Street are bolted to the new concrete boulevard.  Each table is fastened to the ground with four bolts. I cannot remember seeing this anywhere.  As far as I know, private tables located on public property are temporary.  Fastening them to the ground appears to me to […]

Thunder Bay - Amateur Hours

Thunder Bay – Amateur Hours

I have said this before and it warrants repeating.  Warning signs left up for no reason at all cause all warning signs to lose effectiveness.  All of them.  Drivers will eventually learn to ignore those signs. These signs were left up because of sheer laziness combined with total non-professionalism  on the part of city workers. […]